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Uga is a trusted clothing manufacturer dedicated to providing the global market with superior workout clothing since 2014. Our 5,000 m² facility in Humen, Dongguan, houses several advanced workshops and hundreds of skilled workers to support the large volume of orders.

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Our Story Since 2014

In 2014, we saw the high worldwide demand for high-quality workout clothing, inspiring us to build a brand that can cater to this need.

Since then, we’ve helped multiple overseas customers expand their business and improve their market share with wholesale workout clothing.

You are Working with the Best Workout Clothing Manufacturer


Our mission is to lead more people into loving sports and participating in fitness and health activities by providing unique workout clothing.


We endeavor to become the leading manufacturer of workout clothing worldwide through high-class fabrics, trendy clothing designs, and quality manufacturing.

10 Years of Experience Can't be Wrong

Abundant Export Experiences

With over ten years of experience in global trade, we know what it takes to securely ship products to your market at a low cost and short wait time.

Established Fabrication

Streamlined production process facilitated by seasoned workers in the industry ensures the efficient production of high-quality workout clothing.

Ample Activewear Know-how

Always at the forefront of workout fashion trends, our expert design masters adopt modern designs to your workout clothing project.

Meet Our Capable Team


Our team handles every project with integrity – from initial communication to aftersales – making sure each step is clear and concise.


Innovation is key to staying relevant in the industry. As such, we constantly look forward to and study modern trends.


Believing in the saying “teamwork makes the dream work,” our team works as one unit in producing impeccable workout clothing.


We constantly seek mutual growth and profit with our clients, offering the best products and services to ensure your success.

Committed to Sustainability

Uga practices sustainable clothing production as part of our environmental responsibility. Some of our steps include reducing fabric waste, utilizing recycled fabrics, and opting for recycled packaging.

committed to sustainability

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