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To get optimal sport performance, it’s important to wear clothes that permit free movement, while offering other benefits like wicking away sweat and ensuring coolness under high heat. 


As a leading sportswear manufacturer, we supply a wide array of clothes for all sports activities in bulk, including yoga, tennis, running, workout, and many more. All our sports apparels are made with durable fabrics ensuring that they are able to withstand strenuous routines while maintaining their structure and quality.


Over the years, we’ve become the one-stop destination for retailers, distributors, business owners, and private label brands that want wholesale sports clothes. Our expansive inventory includes tracksuits, leggings, jackets, tank tops, tennis skirts, (Learn: Women’s Tennis Skirt) T-shirts, sleeve shirts, and many more. They are readily available and customizable in various sizes, designs, colors, and prints.

Products for Sports Clothing Wholesale Needs

At Uga, we offer a vast range of sport apparels that exudes freshness, quality, and uniqueness. They are manufactured to your exact specifications. Check them out.

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Sport Clothing Customization

Customized Options for Sports Clothing Manufacturing

Together with supplying you with wholesale sports clothing that cater to the needs of your target market, we can help you actualize your sport outfit ideas. Utilizing our 10 years experience, in-depth and current research, as well as our designers’ expertise, your ideas can be implemented to resonate with your target market.

With a MOQ of 100 pieces, you will be provided with exquisite solutions that will make your brand be peculiar amongst your competitors. At Uga, we offer robust customization, including:

Sports Clothing Private Label Service

Do you want to launch your own line of sport clothing (Learn: Actionable Tips for Starting a Fitness Clothing Line) (Learn: Actionable Tips for Starting a Fitness Clothing Line)? You are in the right place. At Uga, we specialize in designing private label sportswear that enhances brand awareness and recognition. Partnering with us is a guarantee of a simple and satisfying experience.


Our manufacturing process include:

Sports Clothing Private Label

We Guarantee You Superb Sports Clothing


With detailed knowledge of your market needs, our research and development team and creative designers with experience of more than 20 years will work with you to craft the best design. We excel at turning your idea into a design that displays your brand identity. 


With due diligence to the required production standards, our sports clothing are certified by BSCI and Intertek for both intense and mild sporting activities. We conduct strict quality control at every stage of production to ensure that there’s no defect. Here at Uga, we are dedicated to offering the best quality at the best price.

Rigorous Product Testing and Results

Starting from the incoming raw materials to the last line of production, we carry out rigorous tests and inspections to be assured that your specifications are met. Every piece of sports clothing is checked for the following:


  • Appearance inspection
  • Sewing inspection
  • Ironing inspection
  • Logo inspection
  • Thread inspection


In addition, random inspections are performed to ensure that the end products are of high quality.

Advantageous Product Features

Below are some marketable features of our sports clothing.

Sweat Wicking

Our Sports Clothing can take in moisture from the skin quickly.

Quick Drying

Uga Sports Clothing can dry promptly with a quick-drying function.

High Elasticity

Each of our Sports Clothing utilizes four-way stretch fabric for free body movement.


An anti-bacterial component of our Sports Clothing stops microorganisms from growing.


The fabrics we use allow for cooling airflow through our Sports Clothing.


The soft and comfortable fabric of our Sports Clothing makes them comfortable.

Sports Clothing 01

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


With our experienced professional pattern masters, we can craft well-fitted sports clothing for varying markets.


Good sewing skills and our advanced facilities make our sports clothing durable and resistant.


Each of our workout jackets has a comfortable fit thanks to the 4 needles and 6 threads machine and flat seams.


We trim loose threads and apply binding sewing to make our workout jackets clean and tidy.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

By working with trusted fabric vendors, we can utilize premium raw materials to create functional, stylish, and durable sports clothing.

High-quality Fabrics

Certified and screened fabrics make our sports clothing suitable for various activities.

Trending Materials

The Uga R&D team always updates to the latest materials for our women’s workout jacket.

Emerging Colors

We have constantly updated color options for your sports clothing.

Stable Color Fastness

The fabric allows our women’s workout jacket to retain its color for a long period.

Cutting-edge Functions

The breathable and quick-drying qualities make our women’s workout jacket appealing for active wearers.

Excellent Accessories

We choose from various quality accessories such as buttons and zippers for your workout jackets.

Sports Clothing Wearing Ideas

Kids Playing Soccer

Kids Playing Soccer

Sports Teacher with Students

Sports Teacher with Students

Doing Fitness Routines

Doing Fitness Routines

Woman Running on Stairs

Woman Running on Stairs

Sporting Activity with Big Black Ball

Sporting Activity with Big Black Ball

Young Guys Playing Basketball

Young Guys Playing Basketball

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

The quality of sports clothing determines how functional they will be in boosting performance. All our products are put through strict quality verification stages – material inspection, processing inspection, full inspection for 100% satisfaction, and random inspection for double reassurance.

Robust Manufacturing

Our 5000m² factory area, 6 production lines, and over 100 workers allows us to meet bulk orders seamlessly within a short lead time. We have a capacity to produce 200,000 pieces of sport clothing in-house, ensuring consistent quality.


At Uga, you can be rest assured that your ideas will be brought to life according to how you want. We manufacture based on your specifications, including the size, color, style, print, etc.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with quality, reputable vendors. We receive consistent raw materials at cost-friendly prices, making us able to make fast and affordable productions for your benefit.

Fast Shipping

We work with trusted logistic companies, making sure that your orders are delivered to you quickly and safely. With this, you can tap into the rising needs of your target markets and get your products in time.

Sports Clothing 02

Why Sports Clothing

Durable fabrics help sports clothing resist strenuous sports activities while maintaining its structure and quality appearance for long periods. To add comfort to every activity, our clothing wicks away sweat faster, ensuring better coolness under high heat.

How We Guarantee Exceptional Clothing

Abundant Export Experience

Uga’s 10 years of export experience has allowed us to meet different regional requirements and provide workout clothing solutions that appeal to global markets.

Competent Designers

Through our experience and analysis of market trends, we excel at turning your design into your desired sports clothing that displays your brand identity.

Qualified Manufacturing

As a BSCI and Intertek certified factory, we use the latest equipment in providing large-volume orders. Meanwhile, we seamlessly divide labor to create quality clothing.

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