Sustainability is Not an Empty Word

Uga practices sustainable clothing production as part of our environmental responsibility. Some of our steps include reducing fabric waste, utilizing recycled fabrics, and opting for recycled packaging.

sustainability is not an empty word
Recycled Fabrics

Recycled Fabrics

Able to handle any custom options your market may require, we support the use of recycled fabrics and eco-friendly fabric. If you are interested in making your workout clothing more eco-friendly, come and reach our to our team.

Recycled Packaging

We support FSC-certified paper packaging bags and recycled packaging bags for you to practice sustainability.

If you want to minimize the need for disposable poly bags, eco-friendly packaging can be customized to your preferences.  

Recycled Packaging
maximum comfort, minimum footprint

Maximum Comfort, Minimum Footprint

Out of our concern for the community and the environment, we continually practice green production by minimizing our carbon footprint.

By reducing waste, we also reduce manufacturing costs and make the most of our materials to produce clothing.

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