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Asides from the fact that right tennis skirt outfits support all kinds of movement, they are also a determining factor in winning competitive games. Reason being that they are designed to be comfortable and wick-away irritations like sweat. As a certified manufacturer of tennis skirts for women, Uga bridges the gap between you and tennis lovers by bringing your tennis skirt outfit ideas into reality


Using a high-quality moisture-wicking fabric with 4-needle and 6-thread sewing machines, we make the best custom tennis skirts suitable for all motions. Materials used are sourced from reliable suppliers, ensuring that premium quality is guaranteed even right from the raw material acquisition stage.


As a dedicated tennis skirt manufacturer, over the years, we’ve become a one-stop solution provider for distributors, business owners, and private label brands that need wholesale tennis skirts. Our expansive capabilities include actualizing all forms of tennis skirt ideas, such as pleated tennis skirts, mini tennis skirts, plus-size tennis skirts, tennis skirts with leggings, and so on.

Products for Women's Tennis Skirt Wholesale Needs

At Uga, we offer a broad range of cute tennis outfits that exudes freshness, uniqueness, and quality. They can be manufactured according to your specifications, such as colors, sizes, styles, etc. Check them out.

Customized Options for Women's Tennis Skirt Manufacturing

Together with providing premium solutions to your tennis skirt wholesale needs, we work together with you in turning your tennis skirt designs into finished products. With our 10 years of experience and proactive R&D up-to-date research team, your tennis skirt ideas can be improved to better resonate with your market. While the MOQ is 100 pieces, large order quantities of 5,000 to 10,000 pieces enjoy a 10% discount on the total cost.


As a leading manufacturer of custom tennis skirts, we offer a series of robust customization options to propel the success of your women’s tennis skirt business. They are:

We provide customization options for the following:
Women Tennis Skirt Customization

Women's Tennis Skirt Private Label Service

Are you planning on starting your own private label women’s tennis skirt business? You are in the right place. Uga is an expert in OEM and private label production of tennis skirts that promote brand image and authority. Enjoying discounted prices on wholesale tennis skirt orders, private label businesses are provided with trendy, durable, and unique tennis outfits.

Our process includes:
Private Label Service 1

We Guarantee You Superb Tennis Skirt for Women


Thanks to our years of experience and team of experts, we are capable of crafting alluring womens tennis skirt designs that will cater to your market demands. 


With our continuous study of new concepts and trends, we will provide you with exquisite designs that allow you to gain more market share.

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

Starting from the incoming raw materials to the last stage of production, we conduct rigorous testing and make amends to issues quickly. Only the products that are of standard are retained.


Following our strict compliance with the maintenance of a suitable production factory, industry standards, and quality control procedures, our factory and products have been approved by the BSCI and Intertek.

Advantageous Product Features

The marketable features of our superior tennis skirt are shown below.

Sweat Wicking

The fabric of our tennis skirt pulls moisture away from the skin surface easily and quickly.

Quick Drying

Our tennis skirts can quickly dry when they get wet with quality functional fabrics.

High Elasticity

The four-way stretch fabric of our tennis skirt allows for comfortable body movement.


The anti-bacterial quality of our tennis skirt prevents the growth of microorganisms.


Air flows freely move through our tennis skirt thanks to our breathable fabric.


Uga tennis skirts are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

women skirt

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


Professional pattern masters in our team can design womens tennis skirts with precise and well-fitted cutting.


Advanced sewing machines within our facilities ensure durable and firm sewing on our womens tennis skirts.


With flat seams generated by advanced machines, our womens tennis skirts achieve a comfortable fit without friction.


Trimming loose thread and utilizing binding sewing, our trendy womens tennis skirts boast neat and good craftsmanship. 

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

Every raw material we use is screened and sourced from reliable partners, ensuring all of your tennis skirt orders exceed your expectations.

High-quality Fabrics

Only premium fabrics from trusted vendors are used to make your impeccable womens tennis skirts.

Trending Materials

We keep our fabric options updated to create womens tennis skirts that taps into rising trends.

Emerging Colors

You can choose from a wide range of new color options for your desired womens tennis skirts.

Stable Color Fastness

Each womens tennis skirts is resistant to color fading caused by daily usage via using high-grade colorant.

Cutting-edge Functions

From sweat-wicking to quick-drying, our womens tennis skirts has multiple desirable functions.

Excellent Accessories

We can incorporate high-quality buttons, zippers, and other accessories for your womens tennis skirts.

Women's Tennis Skirt Wearing Ideas

Check out some of the various applications of our womens tennis skirts.

Female Tennis Player in Action

Female Tennis Player in Action

Practicing How to Serve

Practicing How to Serve

High School Girl Practicing

High School Girl Practicing

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

At Uga, we have strict quality control pillars that ensure that no defect occurs at any stage of production. Four distinct inspection processes are carried out – inspection of raw materials, processing inspection, full inspection, and random inspection.

Robust Manufacturing

With our 5000m² production base, 6 production lines, cutting-edge machinery, and 100+ professional staff, we are capable of meeting your bulk orders. We have a unique in-house manufacturing process, which makes us produce 200,000 pieces of women's tennis skirts on a monthly basis without any quality flaw.


Our ultimate goal is to help you satisfy the demands of your market by manufacturing your wholesale tennis skirt order according to your specifications. Your exact requirements, including size, color, and style are met accordingly.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

Thanks to our factory location, we have an established supply chain that guarantees easy access to reliable raw materials suppliers with quality fabrics. With this , we improve the benefits our customers get, such as uninterrupted production, competitive prices, and on-time delivery.

Fast Shipping

For quick delivery of your orders, we make use of trusted logistics companies (FedEx, DHL, and UPS) meaning you'll be able to satisfy your market needs fast. Also, at any time there is a rising need in your market, you can tap into it as there is a guarantee of sample manufacturing within 5-7 days, fast mass production, and delivery.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make womens tennis skirts to withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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