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Looking for quality, durable, high-performing, and long-lasting men’s compression shirts for your business? You are in the right place!


At Uga, our line of Men’s compression shirts is manufactured from premium fabrics and materials to deliver the most comfort and support. Each compression shirt’s custom is designed to provide enhanced performance for running, cycling, travel, and recovery.


All Uga compression products are designed to focus on performance, comfort, and durability. Each piece is also designed to help reduce muscle performance loss, prevent muscle damage and fatigue, and perform as a moisture-wicking sports undershirt, along with customization options available to make them uniquely yours. 

Products for Men’s Compression Shirts Wholesale Needs

Uga manufacturers breathable compression shirts for workouts. To make our clients happy and relaxed, we offer high-quality items crafted from top-performance materials for comfort and support, all of which can be customized as per the desired size. Check them out. 

Customized Options for Men’s Compression Shirts Manufacturing

At Uga, customize compression shirts are available with your own custom logo, to help you feature your brand. 


We understand that a custom-made compression shirt is a personal product, and we are ready to cater to the needs of our client’s tastes and preferences.


Therefore, we concentrates on customization range and customization ability in great detail, meaning our products are available in many colors, designs, and sizes, which can be customized to the customers’ needs. 

We provide customization options for the following:
You’ll get the following benefits working with us:
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Men’s Compression Shirts Private Label Service

IWe’re China’s best private label fitness clothes producer. Our private label service is a one-stop solution for customers who want to promote a product under their brand. In addition, one of our designers will help you produce a product that matches your brand’s standard.


We creates everything in-house and allows unique patterns, stitches, colors, and fabrics. You can modify one of our items or create something new. Furthermore, we create everything in-house, so you’ll always have a branded, high-quality product.


Each model has flexible, adjustable terms and conditions and we’re happy to work on private label models to match your company’s specific needs. Our process includes:

We Guarantee You Superb Compression Shirts for Men

As fabric quality plays a vital role in the performance of our men’s compression shirts, we take extra steps to guarantee the best materials are used for our products.


We are able to accomplish speedy sample in 5-7 days because of our well-equipped sampling facility and dedicated workforce. 


This service gives you the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to move through with mass production or make minor changes to the design of your exercise wear.

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

We create many checkpoints for each procedure in the production process to ensure that there are no flaws. Each and every compression shirt is inspected for the following:



  • Appearance inspection
  • Sewing inspection
  • Ironing inspection
  • Logo inspection
  • Thread inspection

And random inspections are done to ensure that there is no quality compromise for the end products.


Uga has a certificate in Intertek and BSCI that shows that we provide quality services and products. No matter what kind of workout clothing you manufacture, you can be sure that Uga will always give you the best quality service.


Moreover, It also mean that we have complied with all the requirements to prove that we are in the top class and that we provide customers with a product that is reliable and durable.

Advantageous Product Features

Learn more about what makes our men’s compression shirts the best option for your brand.

Sweat Wicking

Our shirts effectively draw moisture out of the wearer’s body.

Quick Drying

Our compression shirts dries faster and better than regular shirts.

High Elasticity

Four-way stretch fabric follows every way the wearer moves.


Unique fabric properties keep the shirt fresh and bacteria-free.


Air freely passes on the compression shirt for a cooler feeling.


Premium fabric is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Gym Clothes

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


Expert designers make compression shirts to fit each size perfectly.


Advanced sewing machines produce even and firm sewing.


With precision flat seamers, our shirts are comfortable to wear.


Trimmed loose threads and binding sewing provide a neat and clean finish.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

As fabric quality plays a vital role in the performance of our men’s compression shirts, we take extra steps to guarantee the best materials are used for our products.

High-quality Fabrics

Strong partnerships with reliable suppliers allow access to premium fabrics.

Trending Materials

All materials stay true to what the market truly wants.

Emerging Colors

Rely on us for trending color options based on market research.

Stable Color Fastness

All fabrics retain their brightness even after multiple uses.

Cutting-edge Functions

We use fabric that has advanced features for better marketability.

Excellent Accessories

Complementing accessories have the same quality as our fabrics.

Men’s Compression Shirts Wearing Ideas

We take great satisfaction in presenting a variety of styles that reflect the most recent fashion trends in sportswear. Explore our inventory to discover the numerous wearing ideas of men’s (learn: The Ultimate Guide: What Do Men Wear to Yoga?) compression shirts we provide.

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Men’s Compression Shirts for Running

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Men’s Compression Shirts for Floor Exercises

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Men’s Compression Shirts in the Gym

Why Work with Us

Product quality

We cover every stage, from material inspection to finished products, and resolve any quality issues as quickly as possible.


We do 4 types of inspections, namely raw material inspection, processing inspection, full inspection, and random inspection. All of which provides a wide array of benefits for our business partners offering a quality product, the best price, and a quick turnaround time with private label options that can cater to any client's needs and preferences.

Robust Manufacturing

Uga implements a streamlined manufacturing technique to expeditiously produce high-quality sporting apparel. Our strategy is driven by people with more than five years of industry expertise, and it emphasizes best practices that result in effective productivity and durable products.


Our workout clothes customizing service is brand-centric. Therefore, you don't have to worry about Uga hurting your business in the process of completing your job.


It is possible to tailor the design of our workout gear to meet your specific market and budgetary requirements. On the basis of your target audience's needs, Uga makes informed recommendations,and we always stay on top of the latest trends in the fitness apparel industry, so you can count on us to keep your training gear fresh. It's easy to meet your goals with a low minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

As a leading men's compression shirts manufacturers, we have an established partnership with many reliable material suppliers. Since we are situated in Humen, it gives us access to a vast supply chain, enabling us to get materials constantly and in a consistent manner for continuous production.

Fast Shipping

Uga Wear provides fast shipping, as we have chosen the best courier services available, as well as the most flexible delivery policies. We provide fast delivery and we make sure that you will receive your products within 5-7 days.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

See how our men’s compression shirts fit activities in and out of the gym.

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