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Your Professional Women’s Workout Leggings Manufacturer in China

Being a leading gym leggings exporter, our fashionable and comfortable leggings are perfectly comfortable at the gym. Uga has designed a line of high-quality workout leggings that are fashionable and give exceptional support and flexibility during exercises. 


Being in business since 2014, with 2 factory setups, and yielding capacity of 200,000 units a month, you can be assured of getting fully customizable products by collaborating with Uga.

Products for Women’s Workout Leggings Wholesale Needs

Our brand offers a vast range of women’s workout leggings, (learn: Top 10 Manufacturers For Workout Leggings) all of which are made from a soft, breathable, and skin-friendly fabric. Also, all the products can be customized as per the desired size. Check them out.

Customized Options for Women’s Workout Leggings Manufacturing

As a sports leggings supplier, we at Uga, offer a large selection of personalized athletic leggings that will meet your needs at an affordable price. As part of an eclectic collection, our leggings come in various colors and sizes. So, when it comes to wholesale leggings, make us your first stop because we promise quality and value!



Small businesses have unique goals and requirements, which we recognize. Our flexible MOQ of 100 items will help you meet your objectives while reducing inventory pressure.

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Women’s Workout Leggings Private Label Service

Uga can be a reliable private label service provider for your workout leggings wholesale business, with low MOQs and quick delivery. Our process includes:


We Guarantee You Superb Workout Leggings for Women


We at Uga aim to deliver top-notch, stylish yet comfortable workout leggings for your brand. 

Only high-quality accessories like buttons, zips, and locks are used to elevate the overall appearance of the leggings. Using vibrant colors, and comfortable yet stylish materials is something that we strive for. 

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

Each and every product that you receive from Uga undergoes the following checks for quality control:


  • Material quality check


  • Products quality check including the yarn quality, the appearance, color vibrancy and fastness, the overall weight


  • Random inspections are carried out by the inspecting team so that any issue can be detected at an early stage 


As a BSCI-certified factory, we ensure every legging goes through a series of quality tests.


This certificate determines that the raw materials are sourced from verified suppliers, and the quality of every sourced fabric is top-notch.

Advantageous Product Features

See how Uga’s women’s workout leggings are a cut above the standard pair of leggings in the market.

Sweat Wicking

Next-level sweat-wicking technology pulls moisture from the wearer’s body.

Quick Drying

The fabric of our workout leggings can dry within a short period quickly.

High Elasticity

The four-way stretch fabric we use allows for comfortable and free body movement.


Bacteria and other microorganisms are prevented from growing within our workout leggings.


The breathable fabric of our workout leggings keeps the wearer cool.


With the use of high-grade fabric, our workout leggings are soft and comfortable to wear.

Pink Women's Workout Leggings

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


With precise fabric cutting done by experienced graphics designers, our workout leggings are well-fitted for end users.


Advanced sewing machines in our facilities make our workout leggings durable and resistant.


With our 4-needle and 6-thread machines, our workout leggings are comfortable for any wearer.


Trimmed threads and binding sewing leaves leggings looking neat and attractive.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

To achieve marketable workout leggings that help you tap into rising demands, we start with the utilization of premium materials. The fabric we use makes our workout clothing functional, pleasing, and durable.

High-quality Fabrics

We only use certified and screened fabrics for our workout clothing to ensure their quality.

Trending Materials

The latest materials can be incorporated into our leggings to improve their performance.

Emerging Colors

Choose from a vast range of emerging colors to create eye-catching workout leggings.

Stable Color Fastness

Each of our workout leggings is resistant to color fading and last for long lifespan.

Cutting-edge Functions

Fabrics are customizable to have multiple features like quick-drying and sweat-wicking.

Excellent Accessories

High-quality zippers, buttons, and locks enhance the leggings’ overall appeal and comfort.

Women’s Workout Leggings Wearing Ideas

Womens Workout Leggings for Yoga

Women’s Workout Leggings for Yoga

Womens Workout Leggings for the Gym

Women’s Workout Leggings for the Gym

Womens Workout Leggings for Running

Women’s Workout Leggings for Running

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

At Uga, every legging undergoes severe tests so that the quality is not compromised. We ensure high-quality products by doing a series of quality checks like:

  • Material checks
  • Thread checks
  • Logo checks
  • Color checks
  • Packaging checks.

Robust Manufacturing

We have a very strong production capacity. Our huge 5,000㎡ factories, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, can produce 200,000 sportswear pieces per month by our highly trained staff.


Once samples are finalized, the mass production process begins. We aim for a delivery time of just over 20 days.


Clients can mention the size, style, and material specifications to us, and the rest of the hard work, such as tailoring, dyeing, and manufacturing, is done perfectly. We can customize:

  • Fabrics
  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Tags
  • Labels

Our supply chain advantages

We take great satisfaction in the fact that, over the years, we have been able to keep our commitments to provide the highest quality materials, on-time delivery, and an excellent working relationship with all of our suppliers.

Fast Shipping

We provide shipping via DHL/UPS/FEDEX for smaller packages and those that are ugent. For bulk orders and the ones that are not urgent, we prefer the seaway.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make women’s workout jackets withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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