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Lean Manufacturing Under One-roof

Uga practices a streamlined manufacturing process that ensures high-quality workout clothing within a short lead time. Led by skilled workers with over five years of industry experience, our approach focuses on best practices that lead to efficient productivity and consistent products.

Workout Clothing Fabric Cutting
Workout Clothing Fabric Double Stitching

Fabrics Preparation

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the field, our master designer creates precise workout clothing. Each design is made with precision and efficiency, making sure less fabric is wasted during production.

Fabrics Shrinking

Pre-shrinking of materials 24 hours before use guarantees perfect fitting.

Fabrics Cutting

Precision fabric cutting reduces material waste and shortens production time.

Logo Printing

Placing your brand’s logo on the workout clothing effectively increases brand recognition and loyalty. Cement your brand on each workout clothing with our various logo printing options, including embroidery, heat transfer, silicone logo, and more.

Workout Clothing Logo Embroidery
Workout Clothing Heat Transfer
Workout Clothing Embroidery
Workout Clothing Hang Tags
Workout Clothing Logo Inspection
Workout Clothing Sewing


We use the latest sewing machines in making your wholesale workout clothing, resulting in tight sewing distances that reduce the risk of damage and rips.

Seasoned workers manage these machines, using their long tenure in the industry to make sure each piece of clothing is made to perfection.

Thread Trimming

To give the workout clothing a clean and durable finish, our workers trim the threads and the fabric with precision cutting tools.

After inspecting the cut fabric for loose threads, they are assembled and sewn together to create the workout clothing.

Workout Clothing Thread Trimming
Workout Clothing Ironing


Once the workout clothing is completed, they go through the ironing process to a smooth and presentable finish. Industrial-grade irons are used to smoothen out creases left from the production process.

Inspection & Packaging

Expert quality inspectors check each garment’s sewing quality, appearance, and ironing to ensure they pass our standards.

The clothing is then placed in firm packaging with desiccant to preserve its quality during transit.

Gym Clothing Skilled Workers

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