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Men’s workout jackets are one of the most versatile apparel in sports clothing, meaning they must be made with the right material and manufacturing processes. As a leading workout clothing manufacturer, we specialize in making well-designed high-quality sports jackets for men that possess a lot of outstanding features.


With a monthly yield of about 200,000 pcs, we use cutting-edge technology for our functional and comfortable men’s workout jackets, which have a low defect rate of 2-3%. Made with reliable fabrics, they are durable and don’t fade in color or quality even after several uses.


Paying close attention to trends and market demands, all our gym jackets for men are made to be in-tune with customers’ needs. Using the best raw materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and eco-friendly practices, we meet wholesale OEM men’s gym jackets’ needs.


Our wide range of customization capabilities holds one masterpiece for every design, size, and color of men’s workout jackets, such as men’s jackets for gym, lightweight athletic jackets, and men’s training jackets.

Products for Men’s Sports Jackets Wholesale Needs

Uga offers a full range of men’s sport jackets solutions that effortlessly cater to the needs of your target market. We customize our productions to meet your specifications. Check them out!

Customized Options for Men’s Sports Jackets Manufacturing

At Uga, we offer you functional and high-quality sports jackets for men that are customized to your demands without deviating from what your brand stands for. With our endless study of market needs, years of experience, and robust customization options, we bring your designs to life.


With a MOQ of 100 pieces, we provide the best men’s sports jacket solutions. And for large order quantities, we offer a cost discount of 10%, making you spend less for more.


From working with us, you will enjoy endless customization possibilities, including:

We provide customization options for the following:
Mens Sports Jacket Customization

Men’s Sports Jackets Private Label Service

Are you looking to launch your line of men’s sports jackets as a private label clothing brand? You are at the right place. Uga offers a full package that captures all your ideas and specifications into a unique design that cements your brand’s image on the market.


Partnering with us guarantees a seamless and fast-rising growth of your private label business.

Private Label Service 4

We Guarantee You Superb Men’s Sports Jackets


With several years of experience in satisfying customers’ specifications and market needs, Uga’s proactive R&D team conducts frequent market research to develop superb men’s sports jackets that will dominate your target market.

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

At every manufacturing stage right from the purchase of raw materials, to the production, assembly, and packaging stages, we have installed strict quality control measures, guaranteeing that there’s no occurrence of defects.


Following our consistent adherence to the industry standards and requirements, our workout clothing factory has been certified by BSCI and our products by Intertek. We have stringent measures in place to ensure that all our production radiates quality.

Advantageous Product Features

The marketable features of our superior jackets are shown below.

Sweat Wicking

The fabric of our men's jacket pulls moisture away from the skin surface easily and quickly.

Quick Drying

Our men's jacket can quickly dry when they get wet with quality functional fabrics.

High Elasticity

The four-way stretch fabric of our men's jacket allows for comfortable body movement.


The anti-bacterial quality of our men's jacket prevents the growth of microorganisms.


Air flows freely move through our men's jacket thanks to our breathable fabric.


Uga men's jacket are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

mens jackets 6

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


Professional pattern masters in our team can design men’s jacket with precise and well-fitted cutting.


Advanced sewing machines within our facilities ensure durable and firm sewing on our men’s jacket.


With flat seams generated by advanced machines, our men’s jacket achieve a comfortable fit without friction.


Trimming loose thread and utilizing binding sewing, our trendy men’s jacket boast neat and good craftsmanship. 

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

Every raw material we use is screened and sourced from reliable partners, ensuring all of your men’s jacket orders exceed your expectations.

High-quality Fabrics

Only premium fabrics from trusted vendors are used to make your impeccable men’s jacket.

Trending Materials

We keep our fabric options updated to create men’s jacket that taps into rising trends.

Emerging Colors

You can choose from a wide range of new color options for your desired men’s jacket.

Stable Color Fastness

Each men’s jacket is resistant to color fading caused by daily usage via using high-grade colorant.

Cutting-edge Functions

From sweat-wicking to quick-drying, our men’s jacket has multiple desirable functions.

Excellent Accessories

We can incorporate high-quality buttons, zippers, and other accessories for your men’s jacket.

Men’s Sports Jackets Wearing Ideas

Here are a few of the several applications of our sports jackets for men.

Stairs Climb Workout

Stairs Climb Workout

A grey hair men wearing a workout jacket jogging

Early Morning Jog

Bicycle Riding Exercise

Bicycle Riding Exercise

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

Despite monitoring the manufacturing process, we still carry out 4 different inspections at various stages to ensure a defect-free production. They include material inspection (during the acquisition of materials from vendors), processing inspection (during production), full inspection (for complete assurance), and random inspection (for reassurance).

Robust Manufacturing

With our 5000m² production base area, state-of-the-art machinery, 6 production lines, and more than 100 manufacturing experts, production processes are conducted in-house. We implement a streamlined manufacturing process that supports our goal to maintain precision and efficiency.


We are an OEM expert with a specialization in meeting customers’ specifications to boost their brand recognition. Sports jackets for men are manufactured wholesale in different sizes, colors, and styles based on your customization requirements.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

With a stable supply of high-quality fabrics from the best vendors in China, we are able to meet bulk orders within a short timeframe. Getting reliable raw materials at an affordable price, our men’s sports jackets are cost-friendly.

Fast Shipping

With the assistance of our trusted courier companies (FedEx, DHL, and UPS), we provide simple and safe shipments. Offering a cheap and fast delivery, your bulk order will be sent to you within the specified lead time. With this, you can tap into the rising demands within your target market.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make men’s jacket to withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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