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Prioritizing comfortability and free movement, Uga manufactures men’s gym tights that are suitable for both mild and intense workouts. Utilizing high-quality fabrics sourced from reliable suppliers, we turn the materials into functional men’s workout tights. As a leading workout clothing manufacturer, we make diverse types of tights for men, providing flexible solutions to a wide range of activities. Some of them are men’s running tights with pockets, men’s yoga tights, men’s white tights, men’s basketball tights, and so many more.


With over 10 years of experience, up-to-date research of market needs, and implementation of eco-friendly practices, we produce the best male tights on the market. They radiate a fusion of fashion, comfort, and unique design without compromising on quality.


Uga offers superior OEM men’s tights solutions to retailers, business owners, and private label brands with all-around services that promote their brand awareness and recognition.

Products for Men’s Gym Tights Wholesale Needs

Uga provides well-designed men’s sports tights that effortlessly resonate with your target market. Implementing unique designs, we manufacture them according to your specifications. Check them out!

Customized Options for Men’s Gym Tights Manufacturing

Over the years, we’ve partnered with several brands, offering reliable and functional men’s gym tights that reflect their brand identity and cater to customers’ needs. Implementing our robust customization services, we help businesses stand out as we bring their unique ideas and designs to reality.


With as little as 100 pieces of men’s tights, we offer distinct OEM services and a 10% cost discount on large quantities. Uga offers a full package of customization services, which includes:

We provide customization options for the following:
Mens Tight Customization

Men’s Gym Tights Private Label Service

At a cost-friendly price, Uga offers a private label package that provides your brand with all the peculiarity and uniqueness needed. This service boosts your rise in the men’s gym tights industry as we present you with the most captivating and enticing private label solutions without altering what your brand stands for.

Our private label manufacturing processes are seamless. They include:
Private Label Service 5

We Guarantee You Superb Men’s Gym Tights


Uga has a proactive R&D team that conducts consistent market research to find out new concepts which are implemented in men’s workout tights production. 


Thereby, manufacturing exquisite male tights that cater to your target market demands, making you dominate your competitors.

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that we test our products and review them to improve the manufacturing process. 


Any defects noticed are quickly resolved, ensuring that quality is maintained.


With thorough and consistent adherence to the industry regulatory standards, our production base has been approved by the BSCI, and our products are certified by Intertek. 


Using a streamlined manufacturing process and cutting-edge machinery, all our production is made with precision and high efficiency.

Advantageous Product Features

The marketable features of our superior men’s tight are shown below.

Sweat Wicking

The fabric of our men's tight pulls moisture away from the skin surface easily and quickly.

Quick Drying

Our men's tight can quickly dry when they get wet with quality functional fabrics.

High Elasticity

The four-way stretch fabric of our men's tight allows for comfortable body movement.


The anti-bacterial quality of our men's tight prevents the growth of microorganisms.


Air flows freely move through our men's tight thanks to our breathable fabric.


Uga men's tight are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.

Custom mens leggings 6

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


Professional pattern masters in our team can design men’s tight with precise and well-fitted cutting.


Advanced sewing machines within our facilities ensure durable and firm sewing on our men’s tight.


With flat seams generated by advanced machines, our men’s tight achieve a comfortable fit without friction.


Trimming loose thread and utilizing binding sewing, our trendy men’s tight boast neat and good craftsmanship. 

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

Every raw material we use is screened and sourced from reliable partners, ensuring all of your men’s tight orders exceed your expectations.

High-quality Fabrics

Only premium fabrics from trusted vendors are used to make your impeccable men’s tight.

Trending Materials

We keep our fabric options updated to create men’s tight that taps into rising trends.

Emerging Colors

You can choose from a wide range of new color options for your desired men’s tight.

Stable Color Fastness

Each men’s tight is resistant to color fading caused by daily usage via using high-grade colorant.

Cutting-edge Functions

From sweat-wicking to quick-drying, our men’s tight has multiple desirable functions.

Excellent Accessories

We can incorporate high-quality buttons, zippers, and other accessories for your men’s tight.

Men’s Gym Tights Wearing Ideas

Here are some of the numerous applications of our men’s gym tights.

Young Man in the Gym Carrying Weight

Young Man in the Gym Carrying Weight

Sportsman doing Fitness Exercise

Sportsman doing Fitness Exercise

Young Man doing Outdoor Exercise

Young Man doing Outdoor Exercise

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

We have a 4-stage strict quality control process installed to ensure that our products are defect-free, promising you prolonged satisfactory usage. They are material inspection (during buying of fabrics), processing inspection (during production), full inspection (for complete assurance), and random inspection (for double assurance).

Robust Manufacturing

Having a leading workout clothing factory with a measurement of 5000m², state-of-the-art machinery, 6 production lines, and over 100 professional staff, all our manufacturing processes are conducted in-house. This makes us produce 200,000 pieces of high-quality men’s gym tights monthly for your brand, thereby meeting your wholesale needs.


At Uga, customers’ specifications are fulfilled with ease. As an OEM expert, we implement our extensive capabilities in manufacturing your custom tights for men in accordance with the design, color, and size you want.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

With a timely supply of high-quality raw materials from our vendors, we meet your bulk orders quickly without compromising production quality. We partner with leading fabric suppliers that provide reliable materials that beat the test of time.

Fast Shipping

Through our trusted logistic companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, your orders are shipped and delivered to you within the agreed turnaround time. Our 5-7 days sampling, fast production, and delivery allow you to meet the rising demand in your target market.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make men’s tight to withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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