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Aside from running being a professional sport, it’s adapted by fitness lovers as a great way to get in shape and stay healthy. It’s a low-impact exercise that requires little to no equipment, except durable clothing that fits perfectly, supports easier motion, and improves the running experience.


As a certified running clothing company, we assist you in tapping into the market by supplying you with both ready-made and customized running outfits that are irresistible. Using functional fabrics that are sourced from trusted suppliers, running clothing are sewn excellently to capture every detail for better flexibility. They are capable of withstanding long runs, wicking sweat, and maintaining quality after continuous use.

We are undisputedly one of the top running clothing manufacturers, supplying private label brands and running clothing distributors with wholesale running outfits. With a 5000m² factory area, technologically advanced machinery, and 6 production lines, we meet bulk orders with a monthly production quantity of 200,000 pieces.

Products for Running Clothing Wholesale Needs

At Uga, we offer a wide range of sleek, affordable, and sustainable running clothes that can be customized to your specifications. Check them out.

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Running Clothing Customization

Customized Options for Running Clothing Manufacturing

Our customization service is brand-oriented. Without changing what your brand stands for, we can fulfill your running clothing order requirement. 


Banking on the 10 years experience and excellent research & development of our creative designing team, your ideas can be turned into marketable activewear. With a MOQ of 100 pieces, we will provide you with unique running clothes that satisfies your target market demands.


As a professional running clothing manufacturer, we offer robust customization, boosting your running wear business. You can benefit from our wide range of customization options, including logo, fabric, color, label, hang tag, and packaging.

Running Clothing Private Label Service

Our services extend to brands that want to have their own private label. Uga specializes in manufacturing white label running outfits that establish your brand on the market. Enjoying wholesale prices on bulk orders, you will be provided with trendy, comfortable, and durable running clothes that make you unique.


We aim to give you the best experience with our seamless working process.

We Guarantee You Superb Running Clothing


Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the industry, recent updates of the latest clothing technology and trends, we craft amazing designs that cater to your market needs.


We use only high quality accessories such as buttons, zippers and closures to complement the overall running clothing. Vibrant colors and comfortable, stylish materials are what Uga strives for.


Adhering to BSCI and Intertek standards, we ensure that our working condition is improved by getting quality materials from our vendors, and that they meet other internal and external standards.

Rigorous Product Testing and Results

Our factory is equipped with the latest technologically advanced machinery to conduct strict inspection and testing at all stages of production. Each and every piece of running clothing that you receive from Uga undergoes the following checks for quality control:


  • Material quality check
  • Products quality check including the yarn quality, the appearance, color vibrancy and fastness, the overall weight
  • Random inspections are carried out by the inspecting team so that any issue can be detected at an early stage 

Advantageous Product Features

Sweat Wicking

Our Running Clothing can take in moisture from the skin quickly.

Quick Drying

Uga Running Clothing can dry promptly with a quick-drying function.

High Elasticity

Each of our Running Clothing utilizes four-way stretch fabric for free body movement.


An anti-bacterial component of our Running Clothing stops microorganisms from growing.


The fabrics we use allow for cooling airflow through our Running Clothing.


The soft and comfortable fabric of our Running Clothing makes them comfortable.

Running Clothing 01

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


With our experienced professional pattern masters, we can craft well-fitted running clothing for varying markets.


Good sewing skills and our advanced facilities make our running clothing durable and resistant.


Each of our workout jackets has a comfortable fit thanks to the 4 needles and 6 threads machine and flat seams.


We trim loose threads and apply binding sewing to make our workout jackets clean and tidy.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

By working with trusted fabric vendors, we can utilize premium raw materials to create functional, stylish, and durable running clothing.

High-quality Fabrics

Certified and screened fabrics make our running clothing suitable for various activities.

Trending Materials

The Uga R&D team always updates to the latest materials for our women’s workout jacket.

Emerging Colors

We have constantly updated color options for your running clothing.

Stable Color Fastness

The fabric allows our women’s workout jacket to retain its color for a long period.

Cutting-edge Functions

The breathable and quick-drying qualities make our women’s workout jacket appealing for active wearers.

Excellent Accessories

We choose from various quality accessories such as buttons and zippers for your workout jackets.

Running Clothing Wearing Ideas

Man Running in Tracksuit

Man Running in Tracksuit

Woman Running Outdoor

Woman Running Outdoor

Couples Running Together

Couples Running Together

Friends Running Together

Friends Running Together

Older Man Running in Tracksuit

Older Man Running in Tracksuit

Older Woman Running in Tracksuit

Older Woman Running in Tracksuit

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

Strict quality control procedures are in place to guarantee that there’s no defect. We carry out raw material inspection to ensure consistent quality in every fabric, processing inspection to get optimal quality, full inspection for reassurance, and random inspection for double reassurance.

Robust Manufacturing

Thanks to our large factory, 6 production lines, cutting-edge equipment, and professional workers, we are able to complete bulk orders within a short time. After the manufacturing of samples in 5-7 days, full production is completed within 25-35 days.


All our productions are made in compliance with the client’s specifications. Whatever size, design, color, texture, print, and any other requirement you want, we are capable of making them.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

We source our raw materials from reliable vendors with a record of quality, reliability, and cost-friendly prices. With a steady inflow of raw materials, we are able to meet your demands quickly.

Fast Shipping

Your orders will be delivered to you faster than you expected. We partner with trusted logistics companies for fast and affordable deliveries. This allows you to tap into the rising demands of your market, thus gaining more market share.

Running Clothing 02

Why Running Clothing

We design custom running clothing to withstand long runs and maintain their quality even after constant use. To improve your customers’ comfort, we ensure our running clothing wicks sweat effectively and can fit well.

How We Guarantee Exceptional Clothing

Smooth Communication

We keep our lines open 24/7 to ensure smooth communication. Having 10 years of experience, we provide professional recommendations for workout clothing choices and exportation.

Fast Sampling

With our fully-equipped sampling workshop, we achieve a fast sampling process that can be as fast as 5 days, which allows you to get clothing samples for inspection in a short amount of time.

Full Inspection

Adhering to BSCI and Intertek standards, our factory is equipped with the latest technology to conduct full inspections that prevent quality issues in every step.

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