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Your Professional Women’s Workout Hoodies Manufacturer in China

Uga is one of the leading workout hoodies manufacturer manufacturers in china and has over a decade of experience manufacturing quality workout hoodies. 


Here at Uga, we value customer satisfaction and fulfillment the most, which is why we use cutting-edge technology to manufacture functional and comfortable workout hoodies. We have a defect rate of negligible 2 to 3%, and a yield of around 200,000 pcs a month.


Uga, a premium fitness clothing manufacturer that has been in the industry for more than a decade, will provide our customers the utmost fulfillment of services through our expert clothing knowledge and teams, robust customization, along with unparalleled services.

Products for Women’s Workout Hoodies Wholesale Needs

We have a wide range of wholesale workout hoodies at UGA, including slim fit, loose fit, quarter sleeve, and regular size hoodies. Check them out now, and get the best workout hoodies with us.

Customized Options for Women’s Workout Hoodies Manufacturing

Create custom gym hoodies with our designers. We offer a wide selection of hoodies, logo printing, and embroidered tag options to make your one-of-a-kind design. 


We’ve crafted the perfect blend of fabric, fit and design to give the most comfortable hoodies. Whether you’re looking for products with a  casual or sporty look, you can contact us. And if you need a custom logo, we can make that happen too! 


Our flexible MOQ (minimum order quantity) policy  of only 100 units allows you to start small, so you can meet your goals with minimum inventory pressure without compromising on quality.

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Women’s Workout Hoodie Private Label Service

If you are looking for a private label workout hoodies for women manufacturers, then Uga can be a reliable private label service provider for your business, with low MOQs and quick delivery. Our process includes:

Private label services

We Guarantee You Superb Workout Hoodies for Women


Being a leading workout hoodies supplier,  we have a proactive research and development team, and designers with more than 20 years of expertise.


This will ensure that all your products are in line with the latest market trends. We will use only the latest fabrics and colors for your hoodies. 

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

Every stage of the production will undergo several series of tests. This is done to ensure the quality of the material is not compromised.

After the final inspection, our inspectors will also conduct random inspections to ensure superb quality. We never compromise when ensuring that our workout clothing functions optimally and consistently.


Our workout hoodies factories are BSCI-certified, so we ensure every piece of the hoodies undergoes a series of quality check tests.


This certification ensures that the supply chain used delivers only the best quality fabrics from qualified suppliers. 

Advantageous Product Features

The material and construction of our workout hoodies give them several marketable qualities that appeal to your target buyers.

Sweat Wicking

Moisture is removed from the surface of the skin through our quality workout hoody’s fabric.

Quick Drying

The workout hoodies we make can dry in a short period with quick-drying fabrics.

High Elasticity

The four-way stretch fabric of our workout hoodies provides high elasticity for free full-body movement.


Some of our workout hoodies can prevent microorganisms from growing to stop body odor.


Airflow freely goes through the fabric of our workout hoodie for a cool-wearing sensation.


We made our workout hoodies with premium fabric that is soft to the touch.

Grey Women's Workout Clothing Hoodies

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


Our well-trained pattern masters excel at creating precise fabric cutting which can lead to well-fitted clothing for end users.


The refined craftsmanship we utilize ensures durable and long-lasting sewing for our workout hoodies.


The 4-needle and  6-thread machine can create exquisite flat sewing seams to make our workout hoodie comfortable to wear.


Trimming loose thread and applying binding sewing for your workout hoodie can lead to a beautiful appearance.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

Sourcing our premium fabric from trusted vendors allows for durable, stylish, and functional workout hoodies. We also screen all of our raw materials to ensure your workout clothing exceeds your expectations.

High-quality Fabrics

We use high-grade fabrics that come from certified sources for our workout hoodies.

Trending Materials

Uga designers are always in touch with the latest material for workout hoodies.

Emerging Colors

Our various color choices are always updated for your custom workout hoodies.

Stable Color Fastness

With the premium fabrics, our workout hoodie can retain its color for a long period.

Cutting-edge Functions

We focus on new technologies of workout clothing such as antibacterial, quick-drying, and more.

Excellent Accessories

We utilize premium buttons, zippers, and other hardware for your workout hoodies.

Women’s Workout Hoodie Wearing Ideas

It is a known fact that exercise makes us healthier and happier. That’s why we are offering workout hoodies that are not only fashionable but also functional, as they make training a breeze. 


Womens Workout Hoodie Real life Wearing Scenarios

Stylish Hoodies

Womens Workout Hoodies

Hoodies While Performing Yoga

Womens Workout Hoodies

Gym Hoodies

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

Our top-notch product quality where every piece of the hoodie undergoes severe tests so that the quality is not compromised.


The inspection cycle includes:

  • Raw material inspection
  • Processing inspection
  • Full inspection
  • Random inspection

Robust Manufacturing

Our team of professional craftsmanship will ensure that the products are of the latest trends and quality, making workout sessions comfortable.


We have a modern and vast spread factory, with 6 production lines, a 5000㎡ space, and highly advanced machinery. This allows us to easily manufacture around 200,000 pieces per month. All our staff are highly trained, from the designing to manufacturing unit.


Simply finalize a design, and get the first samples as early as 5 to 7 days. 

Our Supply Chain Advantages

As a leading women's workout (Learn: Women Workout Set) jacket manufacturers, we have an established partnership with many reliable material suppliers.


Since we are situated in Humen, it gives us access to a vast supply chain, enabling us to get materials constantly and in a consistent manner for continuous production.


With an expert team that takes care of everything, you don't have to worry about anything. You can sit back and relax while we produce the perfect customized piece for your outfit. We can customize:

  • Logos
  • Tags
  • Fabrics
  • Colors
  • Packaging

Our supply chain advantages

Throughout these years, we have worked with prominent and prestigious suppliers who provide us with high-quality materials on time.


A solid supply chain ensures that we always have access to the best raw materials, at competitive prices. This enables us to continuously produce, and have a solid inventory.

Fast shipping

Once the production and necessary testing processes are done, we will work on shipping the products as soon as possible so that they reach you on time. We rely on DHL/UPS/FEDEX to ensure the contents reach you quickly.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make women’s workout jackets withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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