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Your Professional Women’s Workout Hoodies Manufacturer in China

As one of the most reliable women’s workout jacket wholesale suppliers, Uga has curated a gym jacket collection that is rich in variety both in terms of fashion and product functionality.


Established in 2014, and with a factory space of 5000㎡, we manufacture workout jackets for women of all body shapes and sizes.

Not only that, but we’ve also worked with our retailers and distributors, who are always looking for the best quality and variety. So if you are looking for bulk orders or even small numbers like 100 pieces of sports jackets for women, Uga is the manufacturer for you.

Uga has also been producing the best quality women’s workout jackets with full customization options.

Products for Women’s Workout Jackets Wholesale Needs

If you want to include customized women’s workout jackets in your business, then we are here to help you. Uga manufacturers breathable jackets perfect for workouts, and all the products can be customized as per the desired size. Check them out.

Customized Options for Women’s Workout Jackets Manufacturing

High-responsive customized gym jacket for women are handcrafted with cutting-edge techniques at our wholesale hub, which athletes and fitness freaks require. 


We bring in a wide range of simple, easy-to-use, and adaptable personalized tools to assist in the production of customized women’s workout jackets tailored to the needs and specifications of bulk buyers. 

We provide customization options for the following:
You’ll get the following benefits working with us:
Blue Women's Workout Clothing Active-Wear Jacket

Women’s Workout Jackets Private Label Service

If you are looking for a private label sports jacket manufacturer for women, then Uga can be a reliable private label service provider for your business. We provide low MOQs and quick delivery.  Our process includes:

We Guarantee You Superb Workout Jackets for Women


Uga provides a variety of design options. With us, you can be assured to get the latest designs since:
  • We have in-house creative designers
  • Well-equipped machinery like an advanced computer sewing machines, thread machines, and much more
  • A strong research and development team
  • An option to customize almost everything: logo, fabric, colors, tags, and much more

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

Rigorous quality checks for all yoga jacket is conducted. Each jacket is inspected for:


  • Appearance 


  • Sewing 


  • Ironing 


  • Logo 


  • Thread 


And random inspections are done to ensure that there is no quality compromise for the end products. 


We want to assure you that you will receive the best delivery, quality, and fashion trends on your bulk orders of sweat jackets for the gym and that we will never disappoint you as a women’s workout jacket supplier. 


Uga has Intertek and BSCI certifications to align with the market needs, and supply chain management needs. 

Advantageous Product Features

Below are some marketable features of our women’s workout jackets.

Sweat Wicking

Our women’s workout jackets can take in moisture from the skin quickly.

Quick Drying

Uga women’s workout jackets can dry promptly with a quick-drying function.

High Elasticity

Each of our women’s workout jackets utilizes four-way stretch fabric for free body movement.


An anti-bacterial component of our women’s workout jackets stops microorganisms from growing.


The fabrics we use allow for cooling airflow through our women’s workout jackets.


The soft and comfortable fabric of our women’s workout jackets makes them comfortable.

Women's Workout Clothing Jackets

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


With our experienced professional pattern masters, we can craft well-fitted women’s workout jackets for varying markets.


Good sewing skills and our advanced facilities make our women’s workout jackets durable and resistant.


Each of our workout jackets has a comfortable fit thanks to the 4 needles and 6 threads machine and flat seams.


We trim loose threads and apply binding sewing to make our workout jackets clean and tidy.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

By working with trusted fabric vendors, we can utilize premium raw materials to create functional, stylish, and durable women’s workout jackets.

High-quality Fabrics

Certified and screened fabrics make our women’s workout jackets suitable for various activities.

Trending Materials

The Uga R&D team always updates to the latest materials for our women’s workout jacket.

Emerging Colors

We have constantly updated color options for your women’s workout jackets.

Stable Color Fastness

The fabric allows our women’s workout jacket to retain its color for a long period.

Cutting-edge Functions

The breathable and quick-drying qualities make our women’s workout jacket appealing for active wearers.

Excellent Accessories

We choose from various quality accessories such as buttons and zippers for your workout jackets.

Women’s Workout Jackets Wearing Ideas

Women's workout jacket

Women's Workout Jackets for Running

Women's workout jackets for jogging

Women's workout jackets for jogging

Gymwear jacket

Yoga Clothes for men

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

The fabric's thickness, hand-feel, color, moisture absorption, perspiration degree, and softness can all be customized to meet your and your customers' needs. Our defect rate is a negligible 2-3%.


With the ability to customize logos, tags, fabrics, and colors, you can be assured that all the products will be as per your expectations.

Robust Manufacturing

We take our role as a women's workout jacket manufacturer very seriously, and our wholesale gym clothing collection speaks for itself.


Our team is always informed of the latest market trends, and are aware of the hits and miss for the season. This will help your business always stay the best in the market. A factory area of 5000 square meters, 6 production lines, 2 factories and around 100 workers allows us to manufacture around 200,000 pcs a month .

Our Supply Chain Advantages

As a leading women's workout jacket manufacturers, we have an established partnership with many reliable material suppliers. Since we are situated in Humen, it gives us access to a vast supply chain, enabling us to get materials constantly and in a consistent manner for continuous production.


Uga provides all types of customization. If your business has any men gym outfit ideas, our designing team will work on that, do the needed R&D, and bring out the best sample for your business. Do you have a logo for your business? Uga can incorporate that too!


And our customization cycle is as simple as it can be:

  • Query reply in 8 hours 
  • Sampling for 5 to 7 days
  • Changing or editing the first sample in 15 days
  • And then mass production!

Fast Shipping

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience. We try our best to deliver products to you in the shortest time we can. Turn around time for the first sample is only 5 to 7 days!

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make women’s workout jackets withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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