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Your Professional Private Label Activewear Manufacturer for Your Branding Business

Uga provides private label service that ranges from logo, branding, printing, packaging to control over production. This allows businesses to have their own unique products without the hassle and expense of setting up their own manufacturing facility.

We have a team of experienced designers that can help you with your customized logo and brand for your business. They will also work with you to choose the right colors, materials, and finishes for your product. Once your product is created, Uga can provide printing and packaging services to get your product ready for sale.

You will have complete control over the production of your product, from start to finish. This means you can be sure that your product is made to the highest standards and that it meets your exact specifications. With Uga’s private label service, you can create a unique product that will help your business stand out from the competition.

Collection of Our Private Label Activewear Products

Whether people are hitting the gym or going for a run, they want to be comfortable in their activewear. Along with our sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and antibacterial fabric, our collection of private label activewear is a perfect choice for any activity. 

How Do We Empower Your Brand With Our Private Label Services?

We offer economical, premium sportswear in bulk. Due to our application of superior materials, your order quality is in good hands.


Along with our private label services, we are here to help you boost your brand as much as possible.

Product Quality

Uga offers high-quality products at competitive prices. We never release our products before testing them.

All of the raw materials used to make the products come from a factory certified by Intertek and BSCI.

Customization As Per Your Desire

At Uga, you can personalize sportswear to meet your needs.

From sizing and color choices to tailoring, our clothing can be personalized in many ways.

Robust Production

Thanks to Uga's cutting-edge methods and technology, our manufacturing facilities are quite sophisticated.

With 100 employees, six production lines, and two 5,000-square-meter factories, we can produce 200,000 outfits per month with a consistent production process.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

Uga's China base gives it access to a prestigious supply network. Our suppliers are all approved which ensures a steady supply of raw materials throughout production.

Also, We can get materials from a variety of suppliers at reasonable prices, and we have enough inventory to ensure uninterrupted production.

Fast Shipping

Chinese sportswear manufacturer Uga stands out by matching industry leaders' shipping times.

Our streamlined production method and extensive distribution center network help. Uga ships and delivers sportswear with a 5-7 day average.


Our process begins with high-quality, durable goods. Our products are built with durable materials and time-tested methods. We create timeless pieces for every season.

As part of our efforts to keep the Earth habitable, Uga produces sustainable garments. Product and container recycling have been prioritized.

How to Start Your Private Label Business With Us?

Uga makes private labeling easy and affordable. By using our private label services, businesses can create branded athletic apparel. As a leading sportswear manufacturer, we offer high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable garments with your company’s logo.


We offer private label services to help you create original, company-branded designs. We’ll make your clothes comfortable and well-made. Our private labeling process is step-by-step.

Step 1: Branding

This is a vital step in establishing your company and ensuring that your items are properly recognized and branded.


Uga has a staff of expert designers who can assist you in creating a logo that effectively portrays your brand and symbolizes your organization. Once you’ve decided on a logo, our team will collaborate with you to create a full branding package that includes color schemes, fonts, and other elements that will be used on your products and in your marketing materials.


Creating a strong brand identity is critical to the success of any business, and Uga is dedicated to assisting our clients in accomplishing this goal. We believe that establishing a logo and implementing a branding plan that will set you up for success is the first step in private labeling.


Step 2: Making Delivery

The second step in the private label process is making samples and delivery. Uga, an activewear manufacturer in China, offers a variety of services to help you get the perfect product. From design to delivery, we will work with you to create custom products that meet your specific needs.


To begin, we will work with you to create a prototype of your product. This prototype will be used to create the final sample that will be sent to you for approval. Once you have approved the sample, they will begin production of your order. Depending on the size of your order, delivery can take anywhere from 5-7 days.


Step 3: Samples Finalization

You will be able to view and feel the finished product with customized logos and printings before it goes into production following the original design consultation and subsequent design adjustments. This stage is critical in ensuring that the client is satisfied with the finished result.


Uga’s skilled design team will collaborate with the client to ensure that all of their objectives are realized. Our client will be able to select from a wide range of materials, colors, and styles. Uga will commence manufacturing on the order after the client has accepted the sample.


Step 4: Contract Manufacturing

Uga is a Chinese sportswear manufacturer that can assist you in realizing your vision. We will make your order utilizing the finest quality materials and construction methods once you have accepted the samples. When you collaborate with Uga for contract manufacturing, you can be confident that your clothing will fit your exact specifications and be of the highest quality.


Step 5: On The Market

Putting your product on the market is the final step in the private labeling process. This can be a difficult undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be with the assistance of a reputable company like Uga. We recognize that putting your product to market is an important stage in the private labeling process, and we will take care of all the details and logistics to ensure that your product is ready for sale.


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