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Looking for wholesale Men’s fitness pants? Uga is your professional and reliable company to purchase inexpensive but high-quality sports pants for men, winter clothing, and other sportswear.


Our staff has over 8 years of expertise in Men’s Sportswear. We have trained in best practices to handle each item with care and make sure that it is of the best materials, patterns, and colors.


When you shop at Uga, you get the most value for money. You can get the best quality and service for the least amount of money. The best part is that our monthly production capacity is 200,000 units, with a turnaround time of 5 to 7 days.

Products for Men’s Workout Pants Wholesale Needs

Uga Men’s Workout Pants are the one pair of pants that provides protection, comfort and maximum sweat absorption. Here are some example products that Uga as a training pants manufacturer offers:

Customized Options for Men’s Workout Pants Manufacturing

The next thing that makes Uga the best quality Men’s workout pants is its depth of customization options. We have in-house designers and craftsmen, who can provide a tailor-made fit to ensure that no two pairs of training pants factories are made identical. 


In addition, the product and design process is totally in-house. Thus, Uga provides manufacturers with a level of customization they cannot get from any competitor, even at a higher price.


Uga uses a range of high-quality fabrics at their laboratory facilities to make products that are perfectly contoured for the best fit.


In order to meet your objectives, we provide a variable MOQ of 100 pieces.

Custom mens workout pants

Men’s Workout Pants Private Label Service

If you are looking for wholesale pants for men, Uga Wear is your best choice. We are a leading wholesale clothing supplier, offering private label service for both casual and athletic pants. 



Our wholesale pants have diverse styles, including denim, polyester, canvas, and other types of pants. We also can provide pants in different colors, and sizes, and with a private label logo.

Private Label Service

We Guarantee You Superb Workout Pants for Men


Our competent designers release new products regularly to add diversity to your selections. 


With designers who have been in business for more than 20 years, Uga’s team brainstorms and brings out the best designs as per the market trends and the requirements.

Rigorous Product Testings and Results

Our experts ensure that rigorous product testing and results provide you with high-quality products that make your customers happy. Every piece of men’s workout clothing is checked for the following:


  • Appearance inspection
  • Sewing inspection
  • Ironing inspection
  • Logo inspection
  • Thread inspection

In addition, random inspections are performed to ensure that the end products are of high quality.


Here at Uga, we are dedicated to offering the best quality at the best price. All our products are made of quality materials and are manufactured in an Intertek and BSCI certified factory. 


When acquiring a large quantity of wholesale custom-made workout pants, quality comes first. We at Uga are well aware of this, which is why we ensure the quality of our products by putting them through various tests before delivering them.

Advantageous Product Features

What sets Uga’s workout pants for men from others? Here are some features that our workout pants offer.

Sweat Wicking

Effectively drains sweat and moisture from the wearer’s body.

Quick Drying

Our men's workout pants dry quickly in a short period of time.

High Elasticity

Stretchable and form-fitting fabric makes a free and unlimited movement for the wearer.


Our fabric can hinder the bacterial growth on clothing, keeping it safe to wear.


Innovative fabric technology allows for better air circulation.


Soft fabric material allows for comfortable wearing at all times.

Dark Grey Men's Workout Clothing Pants Side View Pockets Out

Refined Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Workout Clothing Fabric Sewing Process


Our professional design team uses exact measurements to guarantee perfect fits.


Reliable production process results in tight sewing that doesn’t easily break off.


High-quality fabric and flat seams enhance the comfortability of our workout pants.


Our workout pants are finished with trimmed threads and excellent binding sewing.

Ultra Comfort Starts from Trending & Quality Materials

To ensure the superior quality of our men’s workout pants, we carefully select the materials used in the production process, from the fabric to the accessories.

High-quality Fabrics

We source premium fabrics from the best suppliers in the industry.

Trending Materials

We keep up with the trending materials to meet current trends.

Emerging Colors

We can quickly incorporate new colors into our products.

Stable Color Fastness

Our fabrics retain their bright colors even after several uses.

Cutting-edge Functions

From sweat-wicking to breathable fabric, we carry different fabrics for your needs.

Excellent Accessories

Buttons, zippers, and other accessories match our high-quality standards.

Men’s Workout Pants Wearing Ideas

Workout Pants

Men’s Workout Pants for the Gym

Running Workout Pants

Men’s Workout Pants for Running

Workout Yoga Pants

Men’s Workout Pants for Yoga

Why Work with Us?

Product Quality

Gym clothing's product quality is critical to ensuring that the garments do not hurt their wearers or create any skin irritation. Due to our commitment to environmental responsibility and a commitment to sustainable manufacturing, all Uga goods are thoroughly tested for dangerous substances before leaving our facility.

Robust Manufacturing

A team of professionals makes your exercise sessions comfortable with the latest trends and quality products.


With six production lines, two factories of 5,000㎡, and more than 100 employees, the company has a highly equipped manufacturing plant. This contributes to a strong manufacturing process and allows us to produce 200,000 garments per month.

Our Supply Chain Advantages

Located in the heart of China, Uga has the advantage of a highly respected and unique supply chain. The suppliers we work with are reliable and certified. As a result, we have a constant and stable supply of raw materials to support our production phase.


We are able to source from a variety of suppliers, at competitive prices, and have a decent inventory, which ensures that production runs smoothly.


Uga provides all types of customization. If your business has any men gym outfit ideas, our designing team will work on that, do the needed R&D, and bring out the best sample for your business. Do you have a logo for your business? Uga can incorporate that too!


And our customization cycle is as simple as it can be:

  • Query reply in 8 hours 
  • Sampling for 5 to 7 days
  • Changing or editing the first sample in 15 days
  • And then mass production!

Fast Shipping

We try our best to deliver products to you in the shortest time we can. Uga can create a sample of your workout clothing in 5-7 days to help you seize your market more easily.

Built for Motion, Fit for all Activities

We make men’s workout pants withstand intense activity thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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