All You Need to Know About the Weight of Hoodies

Posting out screen-printed hoodies is a common task, as it may be necessary to distribute them to customers or members of a team. But it’s not quite as simple as one may imagine. Someone who is selling hoodies online will need to know their weight in order to set fair prices and allocate sufficient funds. Even a nominal change might significantly affect international shipping costs.

What Is a Hoodie?

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The hooded sweatshirt, or “hoodie,” is a common item of clothing, especially in the winter. They’re dynamic as an article of clothing because of their comfort, adaptability, and potential for sartorial expression. However, several buyers are interested in knowing before adding stylish and comfortable hoodies to the wardrobe one needs to know the weight of the hoodies for determining the cost of shipping them if one is designing unique designs.

Why Is It Important to Know the Hoodie’s Weight?

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The huge, warm hoodies are a wintertime delight. They are as comforting as receiving a hug from a distant relative. Hoodies are universally popular because they successfully combine style and ease of wear.

The heaviness of some gym hoodies is a common source of grumbling. Working out in these clothes is more difficult and wearing them down is the only result. Because of this, one should shop for a hoodie that isn’t cumbersome to transport. Also, this will make it much less of a chore to clean. While buying a hoodie it’s important to keep in mind that the fiber content of a product directly affects its weight. For instance, an adult full-zip hoodie will be substantially bulkier than a child’s pullover.

A product’s actual weight can vary from year to year due to factors like design modifications made by the manufacturer or even just normal production variations. Subtle differences can be made by changing the finish. When considering all of this, the average weight of an adult-sized hoodie is between 16 and 25 ounces. Hoodies designed for children are naturally thinner and lighter than those designed for adults. 

Postal scales are worth the investment, especially for those who ship goods frequently, due to the large margin of error. Shipping costs for gym hoodies are higher than those for thinner items like t-shirts or if one takes wholesale sports bras because of their volume. Given that shipping costs are calculated both by weight and by volume, one may end up spending more to accommodate their larger packaging requirements, even if they minimize overall package weight.

Factors That Influence a Hoodie’s Weight

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Hoodies for Men and Women

Hoodies for ladies typically have far less cloth than men’s sizes. The exact case may change from one manufacturer or design to another. And depending on the style of the sweatshirt, a women’s large may be just as roomy as a men’s small! Keep in mind that similar to unisex sizing in t-shirts, some hoodie brands also offer unisex cuts. Therefore when looking for a universal size for your business simply ask the men’s workout hoodies supplier for unisex cuts that fit both sexes. However, to keep a variety of options available for your female clients, you should contact a woman’s workout hoodie wholesale supplier as well. Sizes for kids and teens also tend to be much lighter because they use less fabric. As an added bonus, these compact wholesale workout hoodies can be rolled or folded into much more manageable sizes for transport.


Like T-shirt fabric, the weight of sweatshirt fleece is expressed in grams per square meter (gsm): for instance, a 220 gsm sweatshirt might be made from 220 gsm fleece. The ideal hoodie weight would maintain a balance between mobility and thermal comfort. Consumers won’t buy your hoodies if they’re overly bulky. Winter hoodies tend to be thicker than those worn in other seasons, however, this is done just to increase the garment’s insulation. Hoodies designed for sports and informal wear should be as lightweight as possible. Custom hoodies made from cotton fabric are perfect for wearing around the office casually or during a family reunion.

It is important for sellers to keep these issues in mind in order to maintain a stock that meets all the needs of their customers. 


Usually, people have a preference for 100% cotton varieties, although they aren’t always readily available. However, there are already plenty of 80/20 mixes out there, and someone wouldn’t dream of using more than that percentage of polyester to dilute the cotton for a fashion item. Individuals only need to know if they want brushed or unbrushed fabric. Loopback, or un-brushed hair, has a smoother appearance and less fluffy texture on the inside, making it a popular choice among fashionistas. However, the weight of fabrics made from sweat fleece that has been brushed thoroughly will increase.


How does a hooded sweatshirt or regular sweatshirt feel? Is it nice and peachy? The significance of texture in all things cannot be overstated. For hoodies and hooded sweatshirts, a thicker fabric is preferred, but every once in a while an individual can rather have a clean, basic Scandi style. The nice soft feel is accomplished through the use of machinery that causes abrasion on the top side of the cloth.

Zippers vs Pullover

Zip-up hoodies and pullover hoodies are the two most common varieties. The front of zippered hoodies can be easily unzipped, allowing the wearer to simply open it whenever required. However, the added bulk of the zipper makes them heavier than pullover hoodies, despite their lighter weight. These sweatshirts often weigh about 680 grams or 1.5 pounds.

Without a zipper, pullover hoodies are simply slipped on like any other t-shirt. The majority of pullover hoodies are indeed worn for warmth and style, but many of them are also made specifically for use in sports. Meanwhile, zip-up hoodies can be used to create effortless layered outfits to achieve a casual look.

Weighing Measurements of Different Types of Hoodies 

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The typical weight of a hoodie fabric is between 6 1/2 to 10 ounces, with polyester on the lighter end of the scale and most types of cotton on the heavier. Using a 45-inch wide fabric will need around 2 7/8 yards to make a medium-sized hoodie. For 60-inch broad fabric, roughly 2 yards are required.

Gym Hoodie Weight

Gym hoodies are much lighter than traditional cotton hoodies. They only weigh 8 ounces, which is less than half the weight of a cotton hoodie. This style of the hoodie is great for people who plan to work out and know that they will heat up quickly. Since its only job is to keep body heat in, it uses much less material further weighing less than other hoodies to stay warm.

Cotton Hoodie Weight

Cotton, as a natural fiber, is able to soak up a lot of water. Average cotton hoodies weigh about 1.2 pounds (19 ounces). Even during strenuous physical activity, the material aids in keeping the body dry. Wearing a cotton hoodie will maintain warmth while working out. Cotton, being so light and airy, allows the body a great deal of freedom of movement.

Hoodies with Zippers Weight

The final category of hoodies is the zippered variety, and these are the heaviest at 1.5 pounds. This is to be expected, given the additional hardware required to close the zipper. This hoodie is more of a fashion statement than a functional piece of workout gear. The Fall season calls for this.

If someone is looking for tips on how to stay healthy throughout the winter, a sweatshirt like this one is ideal because it makes a fashion statement while still keeping them warm. This sweatshirt is perfect for the Fall weather, but it won’t keep an individual warm on snowy days.

Knitted Hoodie Weight

A knitted hoodie is a good option if one is shopping for a sweatshirt just for aesthetic purposes and need something a little warmer than a cotton tee for the transition into fall. It’s chic and not too bulky to keep an individual warm. The weight of a knitted, trendy hoodie similar to the one seen below is approximately 1 pound (16 ounces). Fleece composed of cotton and wool is a warm, comfortable fabric. The use of fleece for hoodies has the benefit of being low-maintenance because fleece does not stain as readily as other fabrics.

How to Ship Hoodies?

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How much it costs to ship a hoodie is an important question to consider. The process of finding shipping for wholesale fitness clothing involves more than just figuring out the weight of the hoodies being sold, whether one is starting a screen-printing business from scratch or selling old items on eBay. Those who have ever mailed a package know that the total weight of the item is recorded. Weight and delivery costs are affected by everything in the package, including the contents, paperwork, and packing itself.

Plastic mailing bags are ideal for transporting sweatshirts. An individual may get one of these bags because it is lightweight, waterproof, and convenient. Their use, in place of a box, will ensure the safety of the garments while also preventing one from carrying along any unnecessary bulk.

One tends to boost shipping costs by including extra items in an effort to brighten the customers’ days. Including something as insignificant as a piece of candy or sticker paper might drive up the price dramatically. Know how much the pack now weighs before an individual starts removing unnecessary items. Having a stamp on hand is useful in this situation as well.

It’s important for business owners to factor in the cost of returns. It’s inevitable that some customers would wish to return their purchases because one can’t possibly satisfy everyone. Slightly raising the shipping and handling rates will allow an individual to set aside money for restocking orders and returns, even if they come from overseas.

Methods for Reducing Shipping Expenses

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When selling goods online, lowering transportation costs is usually a top priority. Both buyers and sellers would rather not spend a fortune on shipping. Several options exist, fortunately, for lessening the financial impact of shipping.

Money can be saved in a number of ways, including by purchasing ingredients in bulk, choosing lightweight packaging, and not adding unnecessary delights. It’s important to remember that all shipping firms provide volume discounts. Talking to the preferred courier company can get an individual a better rate even if they don’t ship thousands of items every month. 

To get the most space out of the hoodie, one may also use a vacuum storage bag to remove any lingering air from the material. The last step is to settle on a suitable packaging medium. A flat-rate post office box could be a good option if one only needs to ship one hoodie once. An individual won’t have to stress as much about carrying around a heavy garment, which will make their life much simpler. However, it must be able to fit into the container selected.

Additional Considerations When Figuring Out Shipping

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When determining how much it will cost to transport a product, factors such as size, location, and recipient’s address all play a role. Prior to sending anything, one should add up the cost of shipping everything they plan to send.

Carriers are experts in optimizing space and minimizing shipping expenses. Packages are transported by train, truck, or plane depending on their size, weight, and the distance they need to go. If a shipment is large and heavy, it will take up more room and make it harder to fit other packages. The airline will make less money as a result. The dimensional weight price is based on the size and weight of the product and more precisely reflects the shipping carrier’s true cost to deliver the package.

Carrier fees for shipping packages will be based on the greater of the package’s actual weight or its dimensional weight. Using the package’s dimensions (length, width, and height) and a rate known as the DIM divisor, the dimensional weight may be determined.


It must be noted that hoodies are generally more expensive than other types of sports clothing, due to their bulkiness therefore, good quality and fabric used by the manufacturer play a major role. Choosing an appropriate wholesale fitness clothing supplier is an important decision to make. It will not only help in the business growth but will ensure that only high-quality products are purchased for the business.

While knowing how much hoodies weigh is a crucial first step in understanding shipping, it is only a part of the puzzle. We don’t see this fad for hoodies dying out any time soon, as they continue to be a wildly popular item. It can be difficult to find a customer’s ideal look, but we believe that our extensive catalog will help one do just that. You can contact Uga for more information on hoodies and so much more! 

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