10 Recommended Most Breathable Fabrics for Sportswear

In recent times, there has been a rise in how much people participate in physical activities to keep fit. This has also caused a high demand for sportswear with breathable fabrics that are the most suitable for these physical activities. 

For those involved in sports or regular workouts, acquiring sportswear crafted from the most breathable fabric becomes crucial.

Furthermore, prioritizing breathable fabrics can positively impact performance, which holds significance for businesses seeking to purchase or customize activewear for their company’s commercial interests.

Active wear

What Are Breathable Fabrics?

In the peak of the heat during this season, there will be a need for a breathable fabric that will bring comfort. Read more about breathable fabrics and their benefit in this section. 

Definition of Breathable Fabrics

Breathable Fabrics are clothing materials that allow the easy passage of air through them. Some of these materials do not show sweat, which means most breathable material diffuses the body’s moistness to the exterior. This makes it easy to dry and cool off. These fabrics are made to keep the body cool and relaxed in the heat of rigorous or strenuous physical exercise. 

Benefits of Breathable Fabrics

Here are some of the benefits of breathable fabrics. 

  • Allowing Air to Circulate

They allow the easy passage of air when there is heat, which has made it easy to keep the body cool and reduce sweat. This will also help to keep the person wearing it comfortable and will help to boost their confidence.

  • Evaporating Moisture Quickly

Breathable fabrics help to keep the body’s moisture or sweat evaporated quickly. This helps to keep the body dry and cool while engaging in sports activities. Thereby reducing the possibility of having a body due to excessive sweat. 

Breathable Fabric for Summer Sportswear – Cotton 

On a search for what is the most breathable fabric? Here are some of the benefits of choosing a cotton fabric and how to keep them maintained. 


These are some of the benefits of cotton material. 

  • Breathability

Cotton is a fabric that is soft and light, this makes it easy for air to circulate to the body. Although they may vary in weight, cotton brings comfort to sportswear because of its breathable and soft texture. 

  • Absorbency

Cotton fabrics have a very high level of absorbency. This means when they are worn as sportswear, they tend to absorb the body’s moisture and sweat. The natural fiber in cotton also helps it to retain water about 25-27 times more than its weight. 

  • Softness

Cotton is made from the most natural fiber extract. Its soft and fluffy texture makes it the best option for all skin types. 

For those with sensitive skin that gets irritated with some fabrics, cotton fabrics are the best choice of materials that will suit the skin and give comfort.

  • Hypoallergenic 

Hypoallergenic means there is less probability to cause a reaction. Cotton fabrics are always natural and free from chemical substances, this makes it a hypoallergenic fabric. Cotton is both skin-friendly and environmentally friendly, it is a great choice of material for sportswear. 

A branch of a cotton plant

Care and Maintenance

These are some of the ways to ensure cotton sportswear fabrics are well maintained. 

  • Machine Washable

Cotton fabrics are machine washable and can also be dried using a dryer. However, because of their soft texture, they can be washed more gently and for less time. 

  • Requiring Ironing

Cotton fabrics tend to get rumpled and wrinkled easily if they are not ironed. Cotton fabrics can be ironed while it is still a little bit damp to achieve a better result. 

  • Shrinkable

Cotton material always shrinks especially when exposed to heat. However, this only happens at the first wash and heat dry. Subsequently, the fabric will retain its normal size. 

Breathable Fabric for Summer Activewear – Bamboo 

Bamboo Fabrics are clothing materials made from the Bamboo plant. It is one of the most suitable breathable fabrics for summer activewear. Read more about the benefits and maintenance below. 


These are some of the benefits of the Bamboo material. 

  • Breathability 

Bamboo fabrics keep the body cool and this is as a result of its breathability. The bamboo fabric is very soft and allows air to the body easily. It is quite popular among sportswear manufacturers because of its quality and durability. Bamboo fabric also has a high demand in the market.

  • Thermal Regulation

Thermal regulation is one of the features of Bamboo fabrics. The weaving and fiber in the bamboo fabric keep the temperature of the body regulated. This has also made it a choice of fabric during hot seasons like summer and for physical activities. 

  • Moisture Wicking

Bamboo fabrics are made of up fibers that help to absorb moisture or sweat from the body into the fabrics to keep the body dry. This moist substance is also released to the exterior of the fabrics to get it dried and evaporated fast. 

A woven bamboo
  • Antimicrobial Property

Researchers have proved that antimicrobial property is found in Bamboo fabrics. The antimicrobial property is retained in the fabrics even after multiple washes. This means a Bamboo fabric will prevent the growth of bacteria. 

  • UV Protection

The UV is a harmful light from the sun that can damage the skin. Bamboo fabrics prevent up to 98% of UV-harmful sunlight from reaching the skin. It can resist the sun’s UV radiation as a protective material when worn. 

  • Eco-Friendliness

The Bamboo fabric is eco-friendly because it is made from the Bamboo plant. The Bamboo plant is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and it absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. It also releases 35% more oxygen than other plants. 

Care and Maintenance 

There are many tips for the maintenance of the bamboo fabric.

  • Machine-Washable

Yes, the Bamboo fabrics are machine washable. However, they should be washed more gently and for less time. The softer they are washed the more the fabrics will last. 

  • Avoiding High Heat

The Bamboo fabrics should not be washed with hot water or dried using a high-heat dryer. To maintain the quality of the fabrics, wash them in warm water and dry them using low heat.

  • Requiring Low-Temperature Ironing 

The Bamboo fabrics can be ironed but should only be ironed in low heat. A low-temperature ironing will bring out the best of fabrics and reduce the chances of getting the fibers damaged. 

Mens Workout Tshirt
Source: Men’s Workout Tshirt

Breathable Material for Summer Workout Clothes – Linen

Linen material is a soft material made from the fibers found in the stem of a flax plant. Linen material is a very breathable material similar to cotton and suitable for summer workout clothes. Read all about its benefits, care, and maintenance below. 


Here are some of the benefits of Linen material.

  • Breathability

Linen material is light and breathable with natural hollow fibers that allow easy access for air to circulate in the body. It is soft and quite similar to cotton in breathability. This helps to keep the body cool. The linen material is also mild and gentle on the skin. 

  • Absorbency

Linen material is known for its high level of absorbency among natural textiles. It can absorb sweat and body moisture while working out to keep the body cool and dry. Makes is a suitable fabric for summer workouts.

  • Quick-Drying

Linen material repels the absorbs water quickly to have it evaporate and dry off fast. On a sunny summer, a soaked linen material will dry off in a few hours. Its hollow fiber and airflow help it to dry off quickly. 

  • Coolness

Linen material has a hollow fiber that helps the circulation of airflow. This has made it a choice of material for summer gym clothes because it keeps the body cool while working out. Linen summer workout clothes are breathable and will keep the body cool.

  • Lightweight

The linen material is very lightweight and soft. It is made from the flax plant and it maintains its weightless texture. The linen material feels very airy and this is one of the textures to look out for when manufacturing summer workout clothes. 

  • Durability

Linen is a very durable material made from natural flax fibers. Linen material will hardly tear or wear after use for a long time. As soft and airy as the linen fabric is, it is durable and long-lasting for use. 

Care and Maintenance

These are a few ways to keep linen materials in good condition.

  • Gentle Washing

Wash the linen materials gently. If they are marked for machine washing, they can wash them with it, if not gently wash them with hands. Use a mild soap or detergent with cold water for washing. 

  • Avoiding High Heat

Do not use hot water to wash the linen. To keep your material long-lasting and retain its quality, avoid the use of any high heat, either for washing or drying. 

  • Benefiting From Low-Heat Ironing

Linen materials hold wrinkles and creases, to iron it can be steam ironed gently on low heat. The water in the steam will help loosen the fiber and it will help it stretch out the wrinkles and creases faster when ironed on low heat. 

Eco friendly shirts with lyocell

Breathable Fabric for Summer Sports Suits – Lyocell 

Lyocell are fabrics that are made from both natural and synthetic materials, this makes them semi-synthetic fabric. Some of the materials used to make it is gotten from trees like eucalyptus, oak, and bamboo. 

Lyocell is a great choice of fabric for summer sports suits because it helps regulate body temperature during physical exercises. Read more about its benefit below. 


Here are some of the benefits of Lyocell. 

  • Breathability

Lyocell is one of the most breathable fabrics in the world. It is even more breathable than cotton. Although Lyocell is semi-synthetic, it is manufactured in a way that allows the easy passage of airflow. It is very light and soft on the skin. 

  • Thermal Regulation

The Lyocell fabric is made up of fiber to also keep the body temperature regulated during hot temperatures like summer while engaging in physical activity. Lyocell fabric is an excellent option and choice for summer sports suits. 

  • Moisture Absorption

The Lyocell semi-synthetic material contains nanofibrils which help to absorb sweat and other body moisture fast, evaporating it into the outer surface. The Lyocell materials absorb two times more than cotton or wool material. 

  • Softness and Smoothness

 The Lyocell material is very smooth and soft. It is known for its lightweight and silk texture. Its softness makes it very suitable for active wear. It is very mild on the body and recommends for manufacturing sports suits. 

  • Environmental Sustainability

Lyocell is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable fabrics. It is made from wood and processed with low energy and water, in a closed-loop system that recycles 99.5% of all the substances used during the production process. 

Care and Maintenance

These are some of the ways to maintain your Lyocell materials to last longer. 

  • Machine Washable

The Lyocell fabric can be used in a washing machine but it will require a gentle wash. Also, a mild detergent can be used for the washing to retain the quality. 

  • Avoiding High Heat 

Lyocell does not have wrinkles when dried off, so Ironing is not necessary. To retain the fiber and fabric quality, avoid using any high heat on your fabric. 

Women sport bra
Source: Women sport bra 

Breathable Material for Summer Sports Clothing – Hemp

Hemp is a fabric made from the fiber of Cannabis Sativa. This material is very absorbing, durable, and stronger than cotton. It is one of the most durable organic fabrics that will last for decades when maintained properly. 

It is light and breathable, making it a good choice for summer sports clothing. Read more about the benefit of Hemp below and its maintenance below. 


There are some benefits of Hemp as the fabric for activewear.

  • Breathability

Hemp fabric is very breathable. It is light and soft with properties that allow the easy passage of air in it. Keeping the body cool and regulated in a hot temperature such as summer. It is even more breathable than cotton. 

  • Absorbency

The Hemp materials help in absorbing body moisture from the body into the outer space, to keep the body dry. Hemp is water absorbent which makes hemp a good choice of material during seasons with high temperatures like summer. 

  • Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial Properties

There is less probability of allergic reactions when wearing Hemp fabrics. Hemp fiber also contains a substance called cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabichromene. These are antibacterial substances that help you resist the growth of bacteria in the Hemp fabric. 

  • UV Protection

The Hemp fabric also helps to protect the skin from the harmful UV light coming from the Sun. This UV light can damage and ultimately cause skin cancer. However, a Hemp fabric will protect the skin from this light. 

  • Strength and Durability

The Hemp material is very strong and durable. If well maintained, a Hemp fabric last for up to two decades. It is more than two times stronger and more durable than a cotton fabric. It doesn’t get weak after multiple washing. 

  • Environmental Friendliness

Hemp doesn’t require much water, fertilizer, or pesticide to grow. Hemp also helps to take in the carbon dioxide humans breathe out making the air purifier for breathing. It also helps to remove any air pollution in the atmosphere. Hemp is an environmentally sustainable durable plant. 

Care and Maintenance 

These are some of the ways to keep your Hemp in good quality. 

  • Machine Washable 

The hemp fabric can be washed in the washing machine. You can use a biodegradable detergent for washing. If it is dyed, you should wash it with cold water. 

  • Avoiding High Heat 

It will be more favorable to dry hemp fabrics on the line as opposed to drying them with a heat dryer. Hemp fabrics will shrink when exposed to too much high heat. To also help retain the 

fabric quality, avoid high heat

Hoodie sweatshirt
Source: Hoodie sweatshirt 

Highly Breathable Fabric for Summer Sports Apparel – Mesh

A mesh is a breathable fabric that is laced or knitted in a box-like grid pattern. It is mostly made from polyester and nylon. The mesh fabric was first made by a textile owner who wanted a breathable fabric. Mesh is used as clothing and to make sports products. Read more about the benefits and how to maintain mesh below. 


These are some of the benefits of mesh.

  • Breathability

Mesh products are very breathable. There are always holes in mesh fabrics that allow the easy passage of air to keep the body regulated under hot temperatures like the summer season. The mesh fabric is soft and is perfect for creating sports products and outdoor activities. 

  • Moisture Wicking

A mesh fabric absorbs sweat and body moisture fast. When it does, it moves the moisture to the surface of the material for it to dry fast and not retain the moisture on the body of the fabric. This means the mesh fabric will pull water from your body. 

  • Quick Drying

The mesh fabric dries fast. It doesn’t retain water or liquid for too long. It releases it to the surface to get dried fast. The polyester in mesh fabric is hydrophobic so it helps it to repel water which makes the best fabric dry faster. 

  • Lightweight 

Mesh fabrics are lightweight. They are soft and comfortable to wear. They do not feel heavy when worn and they are mild on the skin. It is very suitable clothing for summer sports apparel because it gives so much comfort.

Care and Maintenance 

These are the ways to maintain your mesh fabrics to retain their quality. 

  • Machine-Washable

Mesh fabrics are washable in the washing machine. Although they should be washed gently with cool or warm water.

  • Avoiding Bleach or Harsh Detergents

Do not use harsh detergents or bleach on a mesh fabric to avoid the color washing off. Use a biodegradable detergent to wash your mesh fabrics. 

  • Avoiding Rough Surfaces and Sharp Objects

Mesh is knitted fabric. To avoid getting the whole fabric get spoilt, avoiding rough surfaces and sharp objects is very important. A single cut can destroy the whole clothing. 

  • Advisable to Air Drying

To get your mesh fabrics dried quickly, they can be air-dried. Do not heat dry the mesh, it might destroy the fibers in the fabric. Do not spread directly to sunlight, it will cause the color to fade. 

Gray Wool knitted Cloth

Breathable Water-Resistant Fabric for Sportswear – Wool

Wool is a breathable water-resistant fabric capable of absorbing moisture which makes it a good fabric choice for sportswear. Read more about wool, its benefit, and its maintenance. 


Here are some of the benefits of wool. 

  • Breathability

The wool is a water-resistant natural fabric that promotes breathability. It is soft and allows the passage of air to the body through the little holes in it. This helps to keep the body cool. 

  • Water Resistance 

The wool is a water-resistant fabric that can repel water for a while. It has a natural protective surface that keeps the liquid on it for the surface for a while. Wool though water resistant is also quite absorbent, it absorbs the body’s moisture to keep the body cool and dry. 

  • Dirt and Stains Resistance 

Wool is a kind of fabric that repels stains. It has overlapping scales that resist dirt and stain for a while before penetrating the clothes. A little quick wash will eventually make the stain go away. 

  • Natural Elasticity 

Wool is naturally elastic, it contains highly elastic fibers that will shrink to their normal size when dry but can stretch double the normal size when wet. 

  • Softness

The fiber of wool fabric is very soft and smooth. This makes it very comfortable for the skin. It doesn’t itch or irritate the skin. It is recommended for summer sports apparel. 

Care and Maintenance 

Here are some of the ways to keep Wool fabrics maintained. 

  • Handwashing/Dry Cleaning 

Do not use a washing machine to wash your wool fabrics. It will stretch it and might damage the fiber of the fabric. It can be hand washed or taken to the dry cleaner. 

  • Avoid High Heat and Agitation

Do not expose your wool fabrics directly to sunlight or another form of high heat. It damages the texture of the fabric. 

  • Light Steaming/Cool Ironing

A wool fabric hardly gets wrinkled. However, if there is a need for ironing, it should not be too hot. 

Water repellent polyester

Breathable Water-Repellent Fabric for Activewear – Polyester

Polyester is a water-repellent synthetic fabric that is made from plastic. It is widely known for its durability and strength. It is most widely used as activewear and sportswear (learn: Sportswear VS Activewear: Understanding the Difference) because of its strength. 


Here are some of the benefits of Polyester fabrics. 

  • Breathability

Polyester fabrics are breathable fabrics that are suitable for activewear. Polyester fabrics are mostly used in activewear and sportswear.

  • Wrinkle Resistance

Its durability and wrinkle resistance is the reason it is widely used in activewear and sportswear.

  • Fade Resistance

Polyester color doesn’t wear out or fade. The fabric retains its color and beauty for as long as it is used. This makes the fabric very long-lasting and durable. 

  • Quick Drying 

The polyester fabric repels water, hence it dries quickly. It is quick to repel all the water it accumulates after washing. It doesn’t need a heat dryer to get dried.

  • Care and Maintenance 

Here are some of the ways to maintain your Polyester fabric to help retain its quality

  • Using Mild Detergents

Using a mild detergent will help to retain the quality of the polyester. It will also help to avoid color wash-off. It is advised to use a mild detergent to maintain the texture of the fabric. 

  • Avoiding Bleach or Harsh Chemicals

Do not use bleach or harsh chemical to wash polyester fabrics. It might damage the texture and ultimately damage the fabric too. A mild detergent is okay for washing.

  • Air Drying/ Low-Heat Drying

It is preferable to air-dry polyester materials than use heat drying. It is advised to adjust the dryer to low heat or medium when drying a polyester fabric. 

Waterproof PUL fabric

Waterproof Breathable Fabric for Sports suits – PUL

PUL (polyurethane laminate) is a soft waterproof breathable fabric. It is 100% waterproof and lightweight. Read about PUL benefits and maintenance below. 


These are some of the benefits of PUL fabrics. 

  • Waterproofness

PUL fabrics are 100% waterproof. Waterproof is a good feature for a sports suit during cold weather because it does not readily absorb water when it rains.

  • Breathability

It might not be as breathable as cotton fabrics but it is lightweight and breathable. It allows just a little passing of air to circulate to the body. 

  • Softness

PUL fabrics are very mild and soft on the skin. It is comfortable and hardly causes any irritation. This makes the PUL fabric suitable for any skin type.

  • Flexibility

PUL fabrics are very flexible. They can be folded, stretched, or bent without any damage to the fabric. Its flexibility has made it a choice for sportswear manufacturers to choose PUL material for sports suits. 

  • Durability 

The PUL fabric is laminated with a thin polyurethane layer that helps its durability. The PUL fabric is last long irrespective of the stretching pulling and everyday use the fabric might be exposed to. 

Care and Maintenance

For the care and maintenance of PUL fabric, there are some tips.

  • Machine-Washable

The PUL fabric can be washed in the machine without it affecting the texture of the fabric. Its durability can withstand a machine wash with the quality still consistent. 

  • Avoiding High Heat

If you use the dryer, choose low heat. Avoid exposing the fabric to any direct heat source to avoid fabric distortion.

  • Avoiding Harsh Chemicals 

A wash with mild detergent is all that is needed to keep the PUL clean. Harsh chemicals can affect the quality and functionality of the PUL fabrics. 

Breathable Waterproof Fabric for Sports Clothing – TPU 

The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a synthetic breathable waterproof fabric made from Polymer. It is flexible, durable, and soft. The TPU fabric is mostly manufactured as sports clothing. Read more about the fabrics, its benefit, and maintenance.


Here are some benefits of breathable waterproof TPU fabric.

  • Waterproofness

The TPU fabric repels water. It doesn’t allow the passage of water through the fabric but can absorb moisture to the surface. This will make a good fabric for sports clothing during the rain. 

  • Breathability

The Polymer is a waterproof material that allows breathability. The inflow of air to the body will keep the body cool and dry when worn during active exercise. 

  • Flexibility

The TPU fabric has a very high elasticity. This makes it easy to stretch, bend, and pulled to take any shape without it distorting or losing its normal quality. This feature makes it a very comfortable sportswear with good durability. 

  • Environmental Friendliness

The TPU fabric is a 100% recyclable fabric and it is also known as a biodegradable fabric. This makes it an environmentally friendly green product. 

Care and Maintenance

To make the most of the TPU fabrics, read this maintenance and care. 

  • Handwashing/Gentle Machine Washing

TPU fabrics are better maintained with hand washing. However, gentle washing in the machine will do to avoid getting the fabrics distorted when getting washed.

  • Avoiding High Heat 

Avoid putting TPU fabric close to any high heat or directly to one. Excessive heat will melt or distort the TPU fabric. 

  • Avoiding Sharp Objects

When in contact with a sharp object, the TPU fabric might get punctured. To avoid puncturing and damage to the fabric, it is best kept away from sharp objects. 

  • Avoiding Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight and Chemicals

Prolonged exposure of the TPU fabrics to sunlight can cause a change in the TPU. It can also reduce the durability and strength of the fabric. The TPU fabric should be kept in a dry place.

womens workout set
Source: women’s workout set

Get High-Grade Workout Clothing of Breathable Fabrics From UGA

UGA is a workout clothing company that is trusted by numerous brands since its inception in 2014. UGA produces high-grade workout clothing made from breathable fabrics. 

A Wide Choice of Breathable Materials

When it comes to selecting a choice of fabrics we have an inventory of quality and an excellent collection of breathable fabrics suited for any season. Prioritizing comfort as much as we prioritize style and design. 

We have a collection of natural breathable fabrics like cotton and bamboo. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and TPU. We are offering you various choices to help find the most suitable fabric that will be a combination of style, comfort, and functionality.

Customized Design and Manufacturing

Our designers will take you through the design process, ensuring every detail is captured and documented. We manufacture those designs, turning them into your unique product. We ensure your product which only began with an inconsistency transcends into a high-quality product.

Uga Logo
Uga Logo

Providing Private Label Services

Private Label Service means getting approval to sell the products of a company using your brand name and identification. We provide private-label services for those who want us to help them produce and it will be labeled in their brand name.

Flexible MOQ

We have a very flexible minimum order quantity (MOQ). We are willing to adjust our standard minimum order based on your preference. We are also willing to negotiate. 

Ultimately, we hope to give our clients the best experience when they buy from us and when we manufacture products for them. 


After being on a search for the most breathable fabrics for sports, It is safe to say breathable fabrics are arguably the most appropriate wear for any workout, sports activities, or active exercises. 

At UGA, we make your life easier by helping you to manufacture your customized design to create a unique fashion line for workout clothes and gym wears. 

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