How to Start a Fitness Clothing Line (Full Guide)

In recent times, the fitness industry has evolved to become a very big industry. People now take their fitness a lot more seriously and the fitness clothing line is gradually growing to be a casual wear because of its comfortability. If you want to break into the fashion industry, a fitness clothing line might be the best niche to choose. 

If you are on a search for how to start a fitness clothing line, you will have all the guidance you need here. You can read it below. 

Proactive Research Team
Source: Proactive Research Team

Conduct Industry Research Before Commencing Business 

There is no way a successful business will be run without researching the industry. In this section, you will learn how to investigate the market size and understand trends and growth progress in the industry. This will help you get acquainted with the industry before investing in it. 

Investigate Market Size

Before commencing your business, you should research the fitness clothing industry. Investigating the market size will help get familiar with how big the size of the market is. 

Fast-growing start-ups are creating their clothing line, making huge impressions, and you can do that too. Aside from the market size exposure that would be gotten from researching, an understanding of the market size will also help to set up better goals for the business. 

Understand Development Trend

Having an insight into how the industry you want to build a business has evolved over the years will help you formulate your goals better. The fitness clothing business has proven to be a sunrise industry because of how much it has grown in recent times. Aside from these, it is an industry with promising long-term growth, capital-intensive, and a considerable number of start-ups. 

Young people are getting more conscious of their health and fitness programs like working out in the gym, yoga, and general exercise are becoming more popular. Furthermore, fitness clothing lines are mostly collections of comfortable wear that resonates with people who love casual and comfortable outfits. 

Know Your Customers 

The potential customers of an activewear brand can include athletes, fitness enthusiasts, gym-goers, outdoor adventurers, and individuals leading an active lifestyle. Their interests when it comes to activewear revolve around functionality, performance, comfort, and style.

Athletes prioritize sport-specific features such as moisture-wicking, breathability, and flexibility to optimize their performance. Fitness enthusiasts may focus on activewear that offers a flattering fit, durability, and versatility for various workouts. 

Gym-goers seek comfortable and moisture-wicking fabrics that keep them cool (learn: Choosing the Best Clothes for Hot Yoga: Tips for Keeping Cool and Comfortable) during intense exercises. Outdoor adventurers may value weather resistance, UV protection, and durability for their activewear. Individuals leading an active lifestyle often seek activewear that seamlessly transitions from workouts to casual wear, combining style and functionality.

Establish a Niche Market and Decide on Your Style

The fitness clothing line is a niche in the fashion industry but can still be streamlined to choices and style. There are various fitness clothing niches that you can build a successful business or brand around. These are some of the niches:


Activewear is comfortable cloth designed for working out and exercising, but it can also double as casual wear. They are made with breathable fabrics, light, moist-absorbent, and comfortable to wear. 

They are designed primarily for outdoor activities. Activewear is worn to the gym, yoga, and outdoor exercise. Some of these activewear are leggings, hoodies, joggers, tank tops, sweatshirts, and swimsuits. It is mostly made of polyester and nylon because polyester is moist and absorbent. 

Different Activewear


Athleisure is when activewear meets style and more aesthetic details. They were once stereotyped to be just yoga pants and crop tops but they have now been widely accepted as a new fashion style. 

Athleisure is a multipurpose fashionable outfit that focuses on style, aesthetics, and comfort. They are also often made in subtle colors but can be styled in any way to fit the occasion. Athleisure is a versatile and fashionable outfit. 



Sportswear is any clothing that is worn for sports or physical exercises. They might just be a piece of clothing you find comfortable to wear indoors asides during sport. They are basically athletic clothes. 

They are made from various fabrics like polyester, lycra, cotton, bamboo, etc. Sport doesn’t do much aesthetics as much athleisure. However, it places more value on comfort and functionality.



Street-style sportswear emerged in the late 1990s and quickly gained popularity. Renowned for their comfort, youthful appeal, and trendiness, these garments revolutionized fashion. 

Notably, graphic designs and branding play a prominent role in the creation of street-style sportswear, making it an effective medium for establishing a lasting connection with consumers. This unique fusion of style and athleticism has resonated with people, making street-style sportswear a powerful way to make a lasting impression in the hearts of individuals.


Make a Solid Business Plan to Support Your Clothing Line

A business plan is a document written to describe your business structure, vision, goals, objectives, and how to achieve them. You will be learning the models of the clothing business and the main content that should be in your brand. 

Three Basic Clothing Business Models

Though there are many clothing business models, we will be looking at the three basic ones:

  • Print on Demand 

Print on demand as the name implies means you create products to sell by outsourcing and you start producing them based on demand. For instance, you post a print-on-demand fitness apparel. 

You will only request production and delivery from the manufacturer after payments have been made by customers. Then you pay the manufacturer and keep the profit. Then you contact your manufacturer to help you with the process of printing, as payment has been made for the goods already. 

  • Private Label

The concept of private labels entails that the retailer, rather than the manufacturer, owns the name or label on the product. This business model fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the retailer and the manufacturer. To establish a successful private label, it is crucial to seek out an experienced and reliable manufacturer. 

By leveraging the expertise of a trusted manufacturer, an activewear brand can deliver high-quality, customized products that align with its unique vision and target audience’s needs, fostering brand loyalty and differentiation in a competitive market.

  • Custom Cut

This is also called cut and sew. This means the fabrics would be cut and sewed based on standard measurements. This mode calls for creativity and dexterity with both sewing and cutting. You can start a fitness apparel brand with the custom-cut model type. 

Men Workout Clothing
Source: Men Workout Clothing

Main Content Should Be Covered in Your Plan

These are the content that should be covered in your business plan:

  • Organizational Structure

For a fitness clothing line, a recommended organizational structure would typically include key departments such as design and development, production, marketing and sales, and operations. 

A cross-functional team approach is essential, with collaboration and communication between departments to ensure seamless coordination and efficient operations, resulting in a successful fitness clothing line. 

  • Competitor Analysis

Conducting a competitor analysis is essential for a fitness clothing line to stay competitive in the market. Firstly, identifying direct competitors and analyzing their product offerings, pricing strategies, and target markets provides valuable insights. Assessing their strengths and weaknesses allows for better positioning of the fitness clothing line’s products. 

It is crucial to study their marketing and branding strategies, including their online presence and social media engagement, to identify opportunities for differentiation. 

  • Sales Strategy

Developing a sales strategy for a fitness clothing line involves several key elements. Firstly, identifying the target market and understanding their preferences and needs is crucial. 

Implementing effective pricing strategies, such as competitive pricing or value-based pricing, ensures the products are priced appropriately in the market.

Additionally, providing excellent customer service, offering flexible return policies, and implementing loyalty programs can enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat purchases, fostering long-term brand loyalty. 

  • Financial Plan (Costs & Funding)

A financial plan for a fitness clothing line encompasses costs and funding considerations. The costs involved include product development, manufacturing, inventory management, marketing and advertising, packaging, distribution, and operational expenses. 

It is crucial to accurately estimate these costs and create a budget to ensure financial stability. Funding options may include self-funding, seeking investors or venture capital, securing loans, or crowdfunding. 

Choose the Right Manufacturer to Cooperate 

This is the part where you need to choose the right manufacturer for your activewear or general fitness clothing line to be assured that its quality will not be compromised. These are some of the conditions you must observe when choosing the right manufacturer:

Consider Their Influence in the Field

  • Experience and Ranking

You need an experienced manufacturer before starting your fitness clothing line. Before you choose any manufacturer, make sure to check out their ranking and experience with gym apparel brands. In addition, review their methods of communication, reputation, and customer care service, so that you can get appropriate support whenever you need it.

  • Brands They Have Worked With

UGA has established partnerships with reputable alternative sportswear manufacturers, making it an ideal choice for fitness apparel brands seeking high-quality products. 

UGA’s commitment to delivering exceptional sportswear ensures that businesses can trust in the reliability and consistency of their products. By choosing UGA, businesses gain access to a wide range of customizable options, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. 

Weigh Their Comprehensive Capacity 

  • Available styles 

The available styles in the manufacturer’s collections can help you determine whether or not they are the right person for you. You do not want to start a fitness clothing line with obsolete styles. Always be on the lookout for manufacturers with trendy and unique clothing styles. 

  • Lead Time

You certainly want to work with a manufacturer who has time integrity and will deliver on time. There are times there will be unavoidable delays, but always settle for the one with the lowest lead time.

  • Fabric Quality 

Another comprehensive capacity there is fabric quality. Always go for manufacturers with better fabric quality. Ensure that the fabric is s breathable, soft, and light weighted. These are fabrics you can check out nylon, cotton, spandex, polyester, bamboo, merino wool, mesh, and linen. 

Quality fabric check
Source: Quality fabric check

Finish Legal Formalities and Start Operating 

Getting your legal document before the official opening of the clothing line is quite necessary. Here are some necessary documents that your gym apparel brands. The legal license of your business and your business insurance. 

Obtain Legal Licenses 

The best way to protect your business is by getting a legal license for your business. It helps you to be acquainted with the law that covers your business. It helps you know the laws that cover you, your employees, and your customers. 

To confirm the legitimacy of a business and mitigate potential legal risks, it is essential for an activewear brand in the USA to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Some of the licenses and permits that may be required include:

  1. Business License: A general license that grants permission to operate a business within a specific jurisdiction.
  2. Sales Tax Permit: Required for fitness apparel brands selling tangible goods, including activewear, to collect and remit sales taxes.
  3. Trademark Registration: Optional but highly recommended to protect the brand’s name, logo, and other intellectual property from unauthorized use.
  4. Employer Identification Number (EIN): Obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax purposes, particularly if the activewear brand plans to hire employees.
  5. Import/Export License: If the activewear brand engages in international trade, an import/export license may be necessary to comply with customs regulations.
  6. Environmental Permits: If the brand handles or produces materials that may have environmental impacts, such as dyeing or printing processes, specific permits may be required to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  7. Health and Safety Permits: Depending on the manufacturing and production processes involved, health and safety permits may be necessary to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards.
Legal formalities

Secure Business Insurance 

Business insurance will protect your business in the face of an unplanned turn of events that might lead to business damage. Business insurance will keep your mind at ease with your business and take away the risk of failing a business. 

Running a business or an organization takes hard work and getting your mind off some risks will help you to be more productive. It also saves your business from liability. 

Set Up Your Shop (location, online or physical store, etc.)

Whether you are running the business online or offline, this is a great accomplishment. If you have a physical store, make sure you are in a strategic area that is close to where we have more of your target audience. Running a business takes a lot of dedication and resilience. 

Set up both your offline and online store and start using your sales strategies to get people to buy your fitness clothing line. For every customer you get, treat them special so they can come again. 

Increase Market Share by Building a Good Reputation 

To keep a customer satisfied you have to listen to feedback. Here are some ways to help you build a good reputation.

Value User Feedback

If you love feedback from your customers, you will be staying long in this business. User feedback will help you adjust your goals and objectives. It will help you self-reflect and work more based on the feedback you get. 

It also helps with better decision-making for the business. You have gotten insights into what you are doing right, it is just typical that you keep at it. When you request feedback from your customers it makes them feel somewhat important and it shows you value their opinion. 

Establish Effective Promotion

As much as keeping the customers satisfied and happy is important, you also need to have new customers. It is important that periodically you launch effective promotions that will generate leads and will eventually convert to sales. 

Start by knowing your target audience, then create offers that will be difficult to resist and use multiple channels both online and offline for promotions. 

Put a timeline to it to create urgency and add a figure limit to it to create scarcity. Engage your leads and turn them into clients. You can also ask those that benefited from the promo to make a video review for the brand. 

Start Branding From the Beginning

To know how to start a gym clothing line and be successful (learn: Stay Warm and Stylish: Gym Wear for Winter Success) with it, branding needs to be in place. Branding is the totality of how what you do is perceived by people. It is the absolute representation of your vision, goals, and objectives. 

First, you can start with your brand identity. Name: Let your name represent what you do as a business. Choose a unique name, not one that has been used by several fitness apparel brands. 

You can seek a professional to help you with your brand identity design. A logo, templates, and flyers. To register your brand in people’s hearts, don’t forget you should be intentional about it. 

Womens 2pc Gym Fitness Set
Source: Women’s 2pc Gym Fitness Set

UGA: Reliable Workout Clothing Manufacturer Since 2014

UGA is a reliable workout clothing manufacturer that was established in 2014, we are dedicated to making quality workout clothing made from the best and quality breathable fabrics.

We have a wide range of aesthetically pleasing and comfortable print-on-demand fitness apparel in our collection. 

Professional Private Label

With our professional private label service, we deliver private label service that ranges from logo, branding, printing, and packaging to control over production. We manufacture and you give us your brand identity. This allows you to have your unique products without the stress of the cost of setting up your manufacturing facility.

Jogger Pant
Source: Jogger Pant

We have a team of experienced designers that can help you with your customized logo and brand for your business. They will also work with you to choose the right colors, font, and materials, to your satisfaction. 

Once your product is created, UGA can also provide printing and packaging services to get your product ready for sale. We are your one-stop workout manufacturing company.

Robust Customization from Ideas to Finished Wears 

At UGA, we offer an extensive range of custom options, providing gym apparel brands with unparalleled flexibility and creativity when it comes to their activewear. Our robust customization process allows you to personalize every aspect of your garments. From choosing the fabric composition, color schemes, and patterns to adding custom logos, labels, and embellishments, we ensure that your activewear reflects your unique brand identity. 

Whether you prefer minimalist designs or bold and vibrant graphics, our skilled team can bring your ideas to life with precision and craftsmanship. With UGA, you have the power to create truly one-of-a-kind activewear collections that resonate with your target audience and make a lasting impression. Elevate your brand with our comprehensive custom options and stand out in the competitive activewear market.

Mens fleece softshell jacket
Source: Men’s fleece softshell jacket

With our dedicated UGA R&D team, we stay at the forefront of garment technology and market trends. Our state-of-the-art sewing machines and advanced facilities enable us to swiftly produce top-quality samples of print-on-demand fitness apparel. From design conception to development and manufacturing, we excel in delivering seamless solutions. 

Partnering with us guarantees a hassle-free process for creating your custom workout clothing. Our expertise ensures that every step, from design to production, is executed with ease. Count on us to provide a smooth experience and exceptional results as we work together to bring your vision to life. Choose UGA for a streamlined journey in creating your bespoke workout clothing.


We hope this will serve as a full guide to how to start a fitness clothing line. Starting a business is not an all-easy feat but with adequate guidance and mentorship, it might as well become a walk in the park. Go back to your drawing board and work on your business plan again, take each topic one at a time till you implement all. 

UGA is always available to help you create comfort in style. If you are new to our blog page, we have a lot more articles that you will gain value from and find really helpful. Make sure you go through our website to be inspired and stay up to date. 

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