How to Choose the Best Yoga Pants Materials

Yoga pants as well as most other athleisure wear are known for their stylishness and comfortability, and as a distributor, or brand owner, this should be important to you too. Achieving this comfortability from fit, texture, flexibility, and other essential properties depends largely on the kind of material used in manufacturing and that is what this article will help you understand. 

Yoga Pants

In this article, you will learn about the fabric properties you should look out for in yoga pants materials. If your goal is ensuring your clients get the best yoga pants, and that your brand is known for quality, then you’re definitely in the right place. Keep reading. 

Good Fabric Properties for Yoga Pants Materials

With yoga being a rather flexible exercise, there are a number of properties that your yoga pants material should have that make them just what your clients need. 

  • Breathable

The breathability of your yoga pants can not be overemphasized for a number of reasons. Exercise or not, feeling like you’re wearing a plastic bag with no air coming in or out is nothing close to comfort. 

This is not a feeling you want your clients to associate with clothing items from your brand. All yoga pants fabric should allow for air passage for maximum comfortability.

  • Fast Drying

While sweating during exercise can be rewarding, we’re certain your clients won’t want it to linger for too long. The best materials for yoga pants won’t leave them a sweaty mess for too long. 

This is easily remedied by the choice of materials, or material combination as the case may be. Choosing pants made from polyester, merino wool, and a little amount of cotton can do the trick. 

Custom women workout wear womens yoga shorts
Source: Custom women’s workout wear women’s yoga shorts
  • Comfortable

The first priority of your yoga pants material should be comfortability because that is a property that will keep your clients coming back. The perfect blend of breathability, lightweight, durable, and stretchy being also comfortable is an unbeatable market strategy that will sell itself in no time. 

Ensuring from your manufacturer that these properties aren’t compromised, gives you an edge in the industry.

  • Not See-Through

While your chosen material should be lightweight, it shouldn’t be of a quality that becomes transparent during the stretch. The trick is to ensure your chosen yoga pants material is stretch friendly, and at the same time layered thick enough to avoid being see-through. 

This is easily achieved by working with the right manufacturer, who knows how to blend these together, keeping you and your clients happy. 

Factory Custom nylon spandex women leggings
Source: Factory Custom nylon spandex women’s leggings
  • Durable & Good Stretch

Yoga pants are known for their durability, and for getting back into shape after a stretch. 

From two-way, to four-way stretches, your yoga pants should be able to afford a level of expandability for them to stand a chance against other brands. They shouldn’t be resisting, sagging under pressure, or worse tearing when under minimum pressure.

  • Lightweight

With mobility as an important factor and the use of yoga pants, the lighter it can get the better. Your clients don’t want to be held back or feel some kind of restrictions when they are trying to work out. 

These clothing items should be as lightweight as possible so your clients don’t keep being conscious of what you’re wearing. They should be able to move as they please without resistance.

  • Good Fit

No one should have to settle for overly fitted or too loose yoga wears and neither should your clients. The additional touch of yoga pants being body flattering isn’t left out, as your clients shouldn’t be denied of this. 

Your brand should be able to provide yoga pants that are a perfect fit for a large number of body sizes, so whoever uses them doesn’t have to be conscious of their clothes falling, or ripping being in small sizes.

  • Odor Resistant

With fabric materials having antimicrobial properties, they can be made into clothing that is odor-resistant. They do this by wicking away the sweat from your body as fast as possible, avoiding the presence of excess moisture which leads to bacterial growth that is responsible for unpleasant odors.

This sweat-absorbing property not only prevents unpleasant smells but helps ensure you stay smelling fresh all day long. 

Common Types of Yoga Leggings Materials

There are a couple of materials out there that have been used over time, hence the available information you can use to make your choice. These materials as well as their known characteristics include;

  • Polyester

① Good Durability

The durability polyester materials offer is little wonder why they have been used constantly for yoga pants production. The lightweight material is as functional as it is efficient. 

② Sweat-Wicking

This is a property you want for your yoga pants and polyester is well known for it. With yoga pants mostly worn for exercises, this property of spandex makes it appealing to clients the most.

③ Highly Elastic

With its high stretchability in hot temperatures, polyester fabrics are an easy choice to end users, who want to feel comfortable at all times while exercising. It is also a plus that it can be ironed without losing its shape.

Polyester Material
Source: Polyester Material
  • Spandex / Elastane / Lycra

① Good Stretch 

The spandex material is your go-to material for a high stretch without fear of slagging. In the right proportion, usually from 15%-30%, you are sure to get absolutely impressive results, especially from the right manufacturer. 

② Anti-Cellulite

Another of its feature that makes it a best-seller among end users is its anti-cellulite feature. This not only makes it feel good and comfortable on the skin, but it also makes it functional and beneficial for everyday use. 

③ Less Durable 

While spandex may have some features that make it outstanding, it isn’t necessarily your first choice when it comes to durability. However, with a good manufacturer, and combined in the right proportion with other materials, its short life span can be managed. 

Spandex Material
Source: Spandex Material
  • Nylon

① Extremely Durable 

Nylon materials are very reliable when you need a strong, and long-lasting fabric for your yoga pants. The long-lasting, breathable fabric is a good activewear material and lasts even longer when handled properly. 

Nylon Material
Source: Nylon Material

② Quick-Drying

An added advantage is its quick drying property which is applicable for maintenance purposes, as well as during use. In active use, it helps to ensure your sweat doesn’t linger for too long leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable.

③ Highly Elastic

For functionality purposes, its elasticity comes in handy to help ensure you can move around without restrictions.

  • Cotton 

① Breathable

Cotton materials are easily the most breathable fabric materials that are available. They are soft, with a texture that allows for air to go in and out making them a good choice for outdoor functions.

Cotton Material
Source: Cotton Material

② Comfortable; Cotton materials are very soft materials that leave you feeling very comfortable when wearing them. The smooth texture is soothing both on your skin and when washing.

③ Lack of Resilience; For activewear, cotton fabric lacks resilience that ends users strongly need. It wrinkles easily, and has very poor stretchability, hence making it difficult to perform flexible routines. 

  • Merino Wool

① Moisture-Wicking

This will continue to be an exciting feature when sourcing the best materials for yoga pants materials Compared to other wool, it is actually lighter and is excellent for yoga exercises.

Merino Wool
Source: Merino Wool

② Soft

The merino wool is one of the softest types of wool, and smooth to the touch. It is not itchy to the touch like most wool, due to the fine small diameter of the fiber.

③ Suits in Cold Weather

The merino wool is a soft material, which is excellent especially during cold seasons, to allow for comfort and flexibility at the same time. It is also suitable and will be fun for group outdoor activities.

  • Rayon

① Breathable

Adequate air regulation is important in all yoga pants fabric which makes rayon a good choice. Its breathability ensures maximum comfort, and ease which is what sporting wear should provide.

② Cheap

Affordability is also an important factor, as you, in fact, want people to buy your sporting wear. It is soft and often used in place of polyester, for affordability.

③ Less Durable

While it can be used when looking for cheaper options, as expected it isn’t as durable as polyester. If you’re looking to cater to a market with a lesser budget, then you can go ahead. If not, we recommend more durable yoga pants material.

  • Bamboo

① Sweat-Wicking

Its sweat-wicking property makes it another outstanding yoga pants fabric. This helps in repelling odor and also regulates the body temperature of whoever uses it. 

② Anti-Bacterial

The antimicrobial property of bamboo fabric allows it not only to manage the sweat from the body but also to take care of bacterial growth. This also ensures it has less skin irritation.

③ Eco-Friendly

The natural fabric is made from bamboo and is of course environmentally friendly, and sustainable. Natural fibers are also good for the skin and an excellent choice for users with sensitive skin.

Bamboo wool
Source: UGA

Choose the Right Yoga Pants Materials in a Specific Application

With different yoga pants materials available, being able to find a balance across the material choices as well as the application is a must. This is achieved by considering the properties and what the end product of the sporting wear would be used for. They include;

For Yoga: Nylon & Spandex

This combination is an excellent knit for yoga because they both make up a high-stretch fabric. They are also very durable, quick-drying, and have just the right strength for yoga exercises without being scared of wear or tear. 

The individual properties of these materials also combine to give you a perfect blend such as spandex easily stretching and returning to shape, nylon’s quick-drying property, etc. 

Workouts and Weight Lifting: Polyester & Spandex

This combination is not only effective for intensive workouts and weight-lifting routines, but it is also quite a cost-effective combination. As with the others, the individual properties balance out each other making this a fine choice for these categories of application. 

The sun-resistant property of polyester makes it a good choice for outdoor runners, while the spandex composition saves the day with all the stretches that come with weight lifting. It has an excellent recovery during use, and will not easily fade during use which is one less thing to worry about in sporting wear.

For Casualwear: Nylon & Polyester & Wool 

The above trio is an excellent combination especially when it comes to comfortability in cold weather. Wool alone is already a luxury, soft, and soothing material to the skin, which leaves the other two materials for their functional properties. 

With nylon having stretchy properties, it means you can move freely in them. The polyester component of durability ensures it is long-lasting, and the mix makes it almost as good as jeans. 

With these combinations, all important factors such as comfortability, stretchiness, moisture absorption, etc are all combined into one. Making it an excellent choice. 

UGA: Leading Yoga Clothing Manufacturer in China

The UGA clothing manufacturer in China has proven over the years to be one of the leading manufacturers. With available customization options and a wide range of clothing options available, they’re your best bet if you need quality for your clothing brand. Some of their available options include; 

Men Yoga Leggings
Source: UGA
  • Customize Men’s Gym Tights With Premium Quality

Catering to the men folks, as well as the women, is a priority at UGA that isn’t taken lightly. The men’s gym tights collection is a category of wear that ensures quality, and customization options covering all the necessary details from fabric, color, logo, hand tags, as well as packaging you will need for your brand. 

The UGA manufacturing company is your best bet in bringing all your brand’s personal ideas as well as business goals to life.

  • Superb Women’s Workout Legging Private Label Service 

Women’s workout leggings are an ever-present market, your brand will be wise to venture into it. UGA’s superb women’s workout legging private label service will help ensure that you are coming into the market with products of superb quality and proper labeling options. 

This service is open to discussing your ideas, implementing branding, and allowing for revising of samples sent to you when you’re not satisfied with the initial samples. 

  • Robust Customization With a Wide Choice of Yoga Pants Materials

We understand how important branding is for your business, hence the provision of a wide range of customization options that can help you find your unique voice. From logo, fabrics, colors, and labels, to packaging, we have a full-on team you can consult with to find what you’re looking for if you don’t have a team of your own.

In addition to this, UGA also provides you with hot-selling recommendations, as well as information on regular new releases. This helps to ensure you’re not alone, at any stage of your brand journey. 


As a brand, providing your end users with quality yoga pants made from the appropriate yoga pants material is very important. This not only helps ensure your brand credibility but also ensures your clients keep coming back, all of which can be achieved with the right manufacturers as UGA has proven to be. 

With a wide range of available options for customization, UGA helps ensure you can bring all your creative ideas to life, with whichever materials you choose. Providing you with other important insights such as The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Sporting Goods Store, Active Fabric Choosing Guide, etc., are some of many other resources from UGA that will help ease your journey into being a sporting pants supplier so feel free to contact us today.

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