A Polyester Fabric

Synthetic Fabric Achieves Better Sportswear

There is nothing more frustrating than buying new sportswear than discovering that they are not the right fit. This happens …

Polyester Fabric vs Cotton Fabric

Cotton vs Polyester: Which One to Choose for Sportswear

Cotton and polyester are among the most common fabrics in the textile industry. They are popularly used to make different …

Proactive Research Team

How to Start a Fitness Clothing Line (Full Guide)

In recent times, the fitness industry has evolved to become a very big industry. People now take their fitness a …

Active wear

10 Recommended Most Breathable Fabrics for Sportswear

In recent times, there has been a rise in how much people participate in physical activities to keep fit. This …

A Couple Wearing Sports Clothes in the Gym

A Full Guide to Choosing From Top 5 Sportswear Fabrics

Choosing the right sportswear fabric is a holistic task, as it places you in a position to provide your end …

Yoga Pants

How to Choose the Best Yoga Pants Materials

Yoga pants as well as most other athleisure wear are known for their stylishness and comfortability, and as a distributor, …

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